How to bring up the Caucasian sheep-dog

How to bring up the Caucasian sheep-dog

The Caucasian sheep-dog – a large dog with dense wool which purpose is guard duty. Education of a puppy will facilitate to it perception of skills of the subsequent training and interaction with other people and dogs. It is necessary to bring up a puppy at once as soon as he to appear at you in the house.


1. Puppies of Caucasians cause in all affection and desire to snuggle these little clodhoppers bear cubs. But you remember that the main skills and concepts are acquired by a dog in the first four months of life therefore do not spend time for a sentimentality and at once accustom a puppy to an order. Fix all correct habits at once, be consecutive and persistent in education, do not lift the ban regardless of your mood.

2. After the first two-three months the dog has to know the nickname, the place, shrinkage, display of teeth and ability to go near the owner. Do not apply violence, these skills need to be fulfilled in a game, setting them by incentive delicacy. You do not see off with a puppy of long, tiresome trainings. Daily fixing of the received skills – the key to success in his education.

3. You feed a dog strictly in the determined hours and do not encourage her stay near a dining table at meal time. She has to receive delicacy and caress only from the owner or members of his family. Has to fulfill teams and to train a dog only the owner.

4. At once stop at a puppy of attempt to jump on you, to bite teeth a hand, to get on a bed or a sofa which will become inappropriate and dangerous when the dog grows and will gain weight. Punishment has to follow a sin at once, otherwise the dog just will not understand what she is punished for and will not connect it with that act which caused your anger. Punishing physically, act as mother dog: sharply stir up for withers. Painful influence has to be only on a skin of a puppy, but not on a part of his body.

5. Exclude all games and interaction with those children who can tease a dog or hurt her. In the Caucasian it is impossible to awaken embitternment, the puppy has to feel always the equal, benevolent attitude towards himself. But prevent any attempt to dominate, the dog has to keep accurately at a distance on a hierarchical family ladder.

6. If there is such opportunity, let the puppy regularly have an opportunity to communicate with other adults counterbalanced with dogs with normal mentality. And the owner of the Caucasian has to have such qualities to grow up really well-mannered dog.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team