How to build sheep-dog box

How to build sheep-dog box

Getting a sheep-dog, the person takes the responsibility for quality of life of the pet. The box of a dog is her house. And the owner has to take care of that this house was dry, warm, cozy and whenever possible beautiful. To make such house for your loyal friend will not make big work.

It is required to you

  • - lining;
  • - bar sizes 40x40, 100x50 and 100x100;
  • - rabbeted board;
  • - decorative laths;
  • - galvanized nails;
  • - plywood;
  • - roofing material;
  • - stapler;
  • - paper roof covering;
  • - bituminous tile.


1. Choose the place for budkisledut to consider that the sheep-dog is a dog watchman. Therefore, from her "house", well all protected objects - a gate, gate, an entrance to the house, farm buildings have to be looked through. For the box it is recommended to choose South side, especially if the dog winters in "house". However it is necessary to take care also of that in the summer the dog had an opportunity to lie down in a shadow. Well if near the box there is some tree. It is impossible to build sheep-dog box in the lowland - in dog "lodge" will be too damp.

2. Measure a sheep-dog and determine the sizes the budkikhoroshy box is under construction to individual measures. Measure height in withers, subtract 5 cm and you receive box manhole height. Add 8 cm to the breast width size - receive the necessary width of a manhole. Length from a nose tip to the basis of a tail will correspond to box width, and height of a dog - height of her new "house".

3. Construct the bottom to a budkiotpilita two bars of 40х40 in size. Length of bars has to correspond to box width. Sew a floorboard on bars. Turn a design. Establish bars of 100х100 in size in each corner. Length of bars has to be equal to box height + 50 mm. Establish two bars of 40х40 in size in that place where it is supposed to make a manhole. Establish intermediate racks. Length of racks has to correspond to box height.

4. Sheathe outside the box lining.

5. Make to a potoloksoberita of a bar of 40х40 in size a ceiling contour. Insert intermediate bars and sew the sheet of plywood. Warm a design by means of polyfoam or mineral wool. Sew the top sheet of plywood.

6. Impregnate the box bottom with the special structures preventing rotting. Fix on the bottom roofing material by means of the stapler. Beat two bars of 100х50 in size to the bottom.

7. Warm walls and a floor. For this purpose lay walls and half of the box paper roof covering, having fixed it by means of the stapler. Lay heater and one more layer of paper roof covering. Beat a finished floor.

8. Make a kryshukrysh of the box as well as a ceiling, has to be removable. Make pediments and sheathe perimeter lining. Hammer metal hairpins pins into faces of angular bars. Drill openings under pins in pediments. Establish pediments. Make and beat furring. Put roofing material, and then a bituminous tile on a roof, having attached it the stapler. Sheep-dog box is ready.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team