How to buy a budgerigar

How to buy a budgerigar

The budgerigar will become the fine choice for those who decided to get a bird for the first time, parrots are unpretentious in contents and are beautiful interlocutors. Purchase of a budgerigar is a heavy responsibility therefore treat it seriously, previously having coordinated with all members of your family.


1. Before purchase be defined what age, sex and a color there has to be a budgerigar. These parameters will help you to focus on more important points, but not to disseminate the attention to all birds in a row.

2. If the budgerigar – your first acquisition, is better to consult with the experienced selling assistant. The competent expert not only will help to choose a parrot, but also will tell everything about his contents and leaving.

3. Attentively observe budgerigars directly in shop. Healthy birds are active, mobile, sociable, inquisitive. Besides, they instantly react to the sounds and movements happening around them. If one of parrots is a loner and at him eyes are closed almost all the time, then the occasion will prick up the ears. Perhaps, he has just a rest or maybe it is a sure sign of a disease.

4. Having chosen a specific parrot, approach him closer. Tell several phrases to look whether there will be a response to your voice.

5. If you want to tame quicker a parrot, then buy a young birdie. It is possible to recognize her by a dark stain on a klyuvika, to almost transparent claws and black eyes. More senior birds have a white rim near eyes and completely created plumage.

6. Ask the seller to get from a cage of the pleasant parrot to examine it more carefully. From nostrils there should be no allocations, pads have to be clean and without outgrowths, all claws on the place.

7. If nevertheless sold to you a sick bird, do not self-medicate at all. Carry a parrot to the specialist ornithologist who will prescribe necessary medicines. Buying a parrot, you take a certain risk since any pet-shop will not give a guarantee that your bird will live to a ripe old age.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team