How to calculate lighting in an aquarium

How to calculate lighting in an aquarium

Life of any living organism is closely connected with light. In an aquarium the surplus of light can provoke growth of the simplest seaweed and lead to many other troubles. However at a lack of lighting your plants will correctly not develop or will even die.


1. It is very difficult to correct natural lighting, sometimes it is simply impossible therefore it is necessary to use additional artificial light for providing full-fledged life of an aquarium, first of all it is important for your plants. Correctly calculated capacity and duration of lighting will help you to achieve optimum result.

2. First of all, it is necessary to know that the aquarium has to be lit evenly, it is possible to achieve it, only using artificial light. Experts claim that ideally Akwa it has to be lit only with special lamps, without sunlight participation as sunshine provoke growth of brown seaweed. Put an aquarium far away from a window and buy special lighting fixtures.

3. It is necessary to know some general recommendations which allow to pick up correctly the power of fluorescent lamps for an aquarium. If your aquarium has depth about forty centimeters, then is quite simple to calculate lighting: use lamps which are capable to give you one watt on one centimeter of length of an aquarium. For example, if length is 50 cm, then you will need a lamp on 50 W. There is also other, more universal way of calculation: 0.5 W have to fall on each liter of your aquarium, that is for the volume of 60 liters there is enough lamp on 30 W.

4. Mainly lighting is necessary for your aquarian plants. Probably, many know that the majority of decorative seaweed are from tropics. In such climate duration of light day averages twelve hours, and it is worth making a start from this figure. For plants in your aquarium the light day lasting 12 hours can become quite good option, but consider that previously you have to calculate correctly the power of devices, without it duration of light day does not play any value as lighting will be either too bright, or too dim.

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