How to call a bull

How to call a bull

What only names do not think out a farm animal today! Information hunger long ago behind, and now even cows not just "Nights" or "Dawns", and Marianna or Julia. How in that case to call a bull-calf that he did not lose face before the compatriot with a sonorous name?


1. Think up a nickname for a bull according to what he breeds. For example, it is possible to call a golshtinsky bull simply - Golshtinets, and it is possible and it is magnificent – "Tsar", bearing in mind a branch of House of Romanovs. The Holmogorsky producer can be called though Lomonosov, and the resident of Yaroslavl – Yarik. The Simmentalsky bull-calves brought in Switzerland quite will suit the names "Zurich" or "Bern".

2. Think up a name for a bull on the first letter of month of its birth. For example, if he was born in February, then – Fedor and if in August – "Alkyd" (Heracles). Write to one column all first letters names months, and to the second – more or less suitable names. Choose a name.

3. Remember what nicknames bulls had in movies and books. And even the name "Gavryusha" from the animated film about Prostokvashino can quite approach if your so cheerful bull-calf and naughty.

4. Surely pay attention to behavior of your bull. If he cannot be minutes in one place, call it "Shaitan" or Tarzan and if he is thoughtful and sluggish, then – Tikhon.

5. If you bought a bull-calf at one of exhibitions, can call him in house use according to documents, and by name the manufacturer or the former owner can.

6. Surely consider option with man's names anyway. Besides already presented, it can be Stepan, Vaska, Yashka.

7. Also nicknames on the English harmony are popular: from simple "Bulls" or Bif to Jack, "Floor", John (arise with George and Ringo. However, it is very sonorous names too).

8. Admirers of series wish to call a bull-calf of Rodrigo or "Luís Alberto", and fans of the Hollywood movies – Arnold, Banderas and even "Brad Pitt".

9. And, at last, if you want to call a bull-calf according to that function which he should carry out nearly all adult life, call his Casanova, Don Juan or Amur.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team