How to call a cow

How to call a cow

In a household the cow always has a nickname. As soon as the cow calf was born, the hostess defines at once how will call it. The cow with a name milks more, she is more obedient and appeasable. If there is a summer pasture and the hostess will call to a cow by name, it approaches it at once. But how to call a cow?


1. to cowoftenname on a month in which she was born or on weather conditions which this day were. For example: Fevralk, Marta, Aprelk, Mike, Metelk, Morozk, Night, Dawn.

2. Also the nickname can be given to a cow on a color of a cow calf. For example: White butterfly, Pestrushka, Chernushka, Krasnushka.

3. Sometimes the cow is named a woman's name: Marfa, Fekla, Natashka, Glashka, Lyubka, Irka, Mashka, Marinka, Svetka, Tanka. Generally, practically all set of woman's names.

4. It is possible to call a cow: Burenka, Murenka, Daughter, Aunt, Darenka, Ladka, Krasulka, Hostess.

5. All on your taste and the choice. The main thing to accustom a cow calf to the nickname since the birth, looking after her. The nickname needs to be said tenderly and several times daily, then by a walking season, she will already respond to the nickname.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team