How to call a dog Labrador

How to call a dog Labrador

Today a Labrador – one of the most popular breeds of dog. The reason is in its character which combines friendliness, playfulness and devotion to owners. Therefore it is no wonder that you should break the head to think up how to call the favourite and to allocate him from among other dogs.


1. There are several main ways to think up a name of a dog, of course, under a condition if at you on this case some interesting nickname is not prepared any more. That your dog was always allocated, at once forget about banal "dzherr", "bim" and "polkan".

2. You should not call the Labrador and it is too elaborate. Remember that a name which given to a dog, you will announce and pretty often to say it on public. So the nickname has to be such that you did not hesitate to tell it.

3. One more unwritten rule in a case with dog names, is the ban on naming of four-footed pets human names. It is especially necessary to remember a similar circumstance that who is going to find considerable time for training of the dog. The unique name will allow a dog to adapt to the teams of the owner quicker. And imagine that walking with your pet, you will meet the acquaintance bearing the same name?! And do not call a dog by the name of one of family members at all – in this case the dog will be just confused.

4. How to think up a name to a dog that it was interesting and did not violate above-mentioned rules? One of options - to look for a suitable name in the history of breed. And for this purpose it is necessary to have at least the main ideas of the one who such Labradors. Briefly describing the main stages of development of this breed, It should be noted that historically the dog is tied to the region of the island of Newfauland which is near North America. An island and sea subject can push you to calling an animal "Pirate" or "Viking".

5. There is also a version that the name the Labrador comes from the name of the stone "labradorite" having black color. If your pet black, then why not to dream up also on this subject? Let's say to give a nickname – the word "black" in any language of the world. For example, in Italian this word has beautiful pronunciation of Nero. The French equivalent Noir can also quite suit a name to your favourite.

6. Very often dogs are called in honor of the famous representatives of breed. And it can be considered too how one of options. Especially as in a case with Labradors here too there are examples. How not to remember Marley's dog from the known Hollywood picture? Anyway, what you would not name the dog, remember that it is given for the rest of life. Therefore treat it with inspiration and gravity.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team