How to call a foal

How to call a foal

In your economy there was a joyful event – the foal appeared. How it is correct to choose for it a nickname? Special rules by which the name of future horse is chosen are given below.


1. Choose to a foal a name which has to begin with the first letter of a nickname of his mother. Further it is desirable that in a nickname the first letter of a name of the father of a foal met. For example, Marshmallows = Care + Flipper. If on the necessary letter it is very difficult to pick up a name, small shift is allowed. For example, if a nickname of mother – the Flute, then for her descendants it is possible to select the name beginning with letter F and L.V letter the western countries it is accepted to call the been born stallions on the first letter of a nickname of the father, and mares – by the name of mothers.

2. Do not use the following nicknames: the ancestors of families, the known thoroughbred manufacturing stallions and also a uterus, names and surnames of people without their permission, a nickname in which more than 18 letters, names contradicting the principles of morals are used. Certainly names are forbidden: Aniline, the Peony, Afnis Wood since it is nicknames of the famous producers.

3. If you cannot think up a nickname independently, address resources of a world wide web. On the website you can find the full list of nicknames which will suit your foal.

4. Address a special source. There is a grant which author is S. Guryeva. This book is called "2000 names for pets". From the names listed in it you quite will be able to pick up necessary.

5. Consider that the nickname has to be sonorous, beautiful, approach habits and temper of an animal. Do not forget the old principle: "as you will call the yacht, so it also will float". The same fully approaches the choice of a name for a horse.

6. So, as you see, selection of a name for a horse – business difficult. Try to choose the best option and do not forget that your horse can bring to the name good reputation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team