How to call a guinea pig the girl

How to call a guinea pig the girl

Sometimes at the sight of pets the people be touched and accurately decide to get somebody to themselves. Rodents are most popular, of course: hamsters, guinea pigs, etc. And then there is a question how to call the sweetest guinea pig if she is a girl.

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1. Remember that the name which you will give to the guinea pig should be chosen once and it is absolutely undesirable to change it. If the name is picked up correctly, then your pet will be distracted by it, even considering that it is not a cat or a dog differing in big abilities than rodents.

2. When choosing a name be based that it should not be long. For guinea pigs the optimum length of a name is four-five letters. You can choose also a long name, but say it entirely, hoping that your pet will be distracted by it, almost senselessly. Think up short option and at a mumps use it, and at communication with people you can represent the pet a beautiful, long and sonorous name.

3. Scientists opened the following regularity long ago: rodents including sea pigs, perceive ultrasounds in comparison with the person much better. And, respectively, react to them stronger. In order that the mumps reacted to the name, it is necessary to contain in it as much as possible those ultrasounds. So, it turns out that it is the best of all to select names with the hissing and whistling sounds since they are quite effectively distinguished by guinea pigs. Most actively rodents perceive sounds "with" and "highway" therefore their existence in a name is desirable. So names will be suitable for the girl: Shusha, Dasha, Shura, etc.

4. Call a mumps by the name suitable to her appearance or character. If a mumps not really active and quite sleepy, then the name has to be without sharp sounds: to begin with the concordant and without "growling". If a mumps active and quick, then, on the contrary, it is possible to think of existence of a large number of vowels and the letters "r".

5. See to behavior of a mumps, tell the different names until you notice that its ears and short moustaches strained. Let she will choose a name with which she should live.

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