How to call a little dog

How to call a little dog

Tiny doggies unites only one - their size. For the rest they absolutely different - fluffy and sleek-haired, tender and quite spiteful, absolutely manual and very independent. All these personal features should be considered, naming a dog. The successful nickname has to correspond to all qualities of your pet.


1. The puppy of a small doggie is more similar to a toy, than to the real animal. However before giving him a touching name, think that a toy it will stay only several months. And then will become an adult, though little dog. Take the encyclopedia of breeds and look how your pet when grows will look. Name, being guided not by a puppy, and by an adult dog.

2. Estimate external data of the pet. Many dogs receive the names connected with color or quality of wool (Belyash, the Peach), the general exterior (Doughnut, Winnie-the-Pooh). Some originals, on the contrary, call a dog by the name opposite to her sizes and appearance. And then a tiny toy terrier it is proud bears the name Strapper, and the coal-black Scottish Terrier responds on the nickname Snowball.

3. The way of life of your pet can influence the choice of a successful name too. The Yorkshire terrier or the Bruxelles griffin who will accompany you "to the public" will suit an original and bright name. To a Pekinese to be pleasant to a lap dog stay-at-home or the favourite of family the cozy, house nickname. If you have other pets, choose the name which is combined with their nicknames for the new pet. If one animal call Musk, and another – the Princess Serengeti, it sounds a little strange.

4. Very popular course – to give to a dog a human name. Remember whether there is among your close acquaintances no person who is called also – he can take offense. Try that the nickname of a dog was not in consonance with names of members of household – a dog, hearing familiar sounds, it will be confused. Remember that the name is important not only for you, but also for a dog – she has to remember, associate it with herself and respond on call. Do not puzzle her with strange alphabetic composition. The dog can just not understand how, actually, her nickname sounds.

5. Several times say the chosen name. It is not difficult to you to repeat it? It does not sound strange or ridiculously? Present that your doggie on walk escaped on the affairs and you call her ten minutes in a row. Will not you be tired by infinite repetition of this word? And how people around will react?

6. Do not give to a dog too general, faceless or very popular name. In the yard there can be a great number of her namesakes. In this case it will be difficult to call up to himself the dog.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team