How to call a puppy of a dachshund

How to call a puppy of a dachshund

Emergence of a dachshund in the house guarantees the mass of positive impressions to her owners. These dogs do not create a set of efforts thanks to congenital ingenuity and good health. The choice of a name for a puppy can become the most difficult question.


1. Choosing a name for a puppy of a dachshund, trust in the intuition and imagination. Often the proper word itself emerges in consciousness at the first acquaintance to a puppy. We will quite allow a similar associative way if there are no restrictions (for example, certain requirements from the manufacturer). Remember that a dachshund - hunting breed. Therefore for a name of a puppy it is possible to use the words connected with this subject (Boss, the Percussion cap, the Hunter, etc.)

2. Give preference to short, accurate nicknames. Surely check how they will sound - puppies of a dachshund are very temperamental. If on walk they than - about are fond, you should call repeatedly to the pet therefore too extravagant options can look inappropriate (for example, passersby can not understand continuous shouts "A jump, to me!")

3. Strict rules often extend to names of thoroughbred puppies of a dachshund: for example, they have to begin on the certain letter corresponding to serial number of all dung. If the manufacturer gives you the chance to independently call the kid, do not hesitate to resort to the help of various dictionaries or encyclopedias: the lexicon of the ordinary person is most often poorer.

4. Quite often manufacturers prefer to name puppies of a dachshund independently. In this case you should think up only short option of a name which will conveniently use for daily communication with an animal. Besides, it is simpler to accustom a puppy to a nickname if it short, accurate and sonorous.

5. If you decided to get a dachshund as just pet, try to approach the choice of a name collectively. Let everyone will offer the options with justification, and the others will try to estimate them objectively. Also observation of the pet in the first days of his stay in the new house - striking traits of character of a little dachshund will help, features of temperament or just amusing features of behavior can push on successful option of a name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team