How to call a puppy of a sheep-dog

How to call a puppy of a sheep-dog

German shepherd – very hardy large dog. Having matured, she can become the excellent watchman and the assistant in farm. Quite often she is trained for work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, army and other security agencies. All this should be considered when you decide how to call a puppy of a sheep-dog.


1. First of all define a sex of a puppy – "boy" it or "girl". Unfortunately, mistakes in a similar question are not a rarity, such cases sometimes happen to inexperienced future owners. Often the owner names a dog a men's nickname, and in a consequence finds out that she was "girl". It is possible to define a sex of an animal, having turned it on a back and having attentively inspected area under a tail. If you notice under back pass a tiny scrotum, and on a tummy, the hillock (genital) is slightly lower than a navel, – before you a male, in other cases is a female.

2. Such tender names as the Cutie or the Fluffy are not suitable for a sheep-dog. The puppy will turn into a terrible, strong, strong-willed dog over time. Respectively, and the nickname has to be the same. Choose a harmonious and beautiful name for a puppy. Also it has to be rather simple and not cause difficulties in pronunciation.

3. Avoid to call a puppy of a sheep-dog by the human name. Besides, it should not be in consonance with names of your members of household and also various teams.

4. Choose a nickname depending on character of a dog. If you take a puppy to grow up the true watchman and the defender, give him a strong and strong-willed nickname – the Thunder, the Soldier, the Samurai, the Demon, etc. In case you need the good-natured shaggy friend, it is possible to name him True, Dobrynya, the Friend, etc.

5. Often nicknames do not contain the hidden information, but nevertheless they have to be beautiful. For example, it is possible to call a puppy of a sheep-dog one of such harmonious names as Laima, Aja, Maya, Bia and to that similar.

6. It is possible to pick up a good nickname by means of various dictionaries. For example, name a puppy of the character of Ancient Greek myths, the hero of the adventure novel or just find the good word describing character of a dog.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team