How to call a spider

How to call a spider

Spiders cause different mixed feelings in people. Not everyone to dare to bring such exotic pet at home. Who nevertheless will make the decision to buy to itself a lovely spider, by all means has to name it. How to call a spider?


1. The first what it is worth paying attention when choosing a name to is an appearance of your favourite. If on the first look spider looks terribly and furiously, call by his corresponding name: Mars, Harley, Dracula, Jupiter, Diesel, Vampirchik, Spyder, Bouck, Cleopatra, Monster, Bob, Boss, Trailer, Anancy, Argiopa, Luís, Werewolf, Predator, Thunderstorm. If, on the contrary, the spider makes an impression of lovely and very kind arthropod, call it Filya, Grisha, Vovochka, Denny, Dusya, the Bow, Klepa, Motya, Plyushkin. A white spider it is possible to call Snezha or White.

2. If at you it did not turn out to determine by appearance how to call a spider, try to pick up to it a name according to your hobbies. For example, perhaps, you day and night are online, then call a spider Yandex, Google or Rambler, depending on what search engine you use. Or, maybe, you are an admirer of some band. Then call a spider in honor of the soloist of this group.

3. It is also possible to call your arthropod depending on a sort to which it belongs. For example, the spider who lives at your place treats a genus of spiders - bokokhod. Here also call its Flank or the Walker, Bokhod, the Trunk and so on. Proceeding from the name of a sort, it is possible to think up many different options.

4. The original name for a spider, perhaps, will come to your mind absolutely unexpectedly. Everything depends on your creativity and imagination. And here several ready names for your pet: Lupoglazik, Ball, Fir-tree, Matrix, Harik, Arachnophobe, Friend, Gray, Murzik, Musya, Mikhalych, Patrick, Mokhnatik, Arakhnesha, Stepa, Pepper, Migl, Harry, Mishka, Uzbek, Tramp, Cornel, Spider line, Cagliostro, Mizgir, Skeleton, Phil, Amber, Tarantula, Mowgli, Crab, Film fan, Darkness, Animal, Riga, Soldier, Beng, Oligarch.

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