How to call a turtle

How to call a turtle

It is necessary to the turtle living in the house a name. But there is no uniform order how to call reptiles, yet. Therefore the name for a turtle is chosen only by the owner. Also it is necessary that it not only was pleasant to family members, but also was suitable for an animal. Many turtles remember the names and even respond to them.


1. Define a sex of a turtle. At males the plastron is a little bent. It happens considerably even at little turtles. At females the plastron usually is flat.

2. Determine the age of a turtle. It is only possible to determine it by the size approximately. But it is possible to count grooves on one of plates of a karpaks.

3. Define a species of a turtle. In house conditions most often there live steppe turtles, but it is possible to meet and Mediterranean, and even even more exotic. From water turtles krasnoukhy are most popular.

4. Observe movements and animal habits. Quite perhaps, you will notice some characteristic features on which it will be possible to call a turtle. If the turtle very quickly moves, the Sprinter, Champion or even the Rocket can call her.

5. To a turtle, in particular Mediterranean, it is possible to give a beautiful Greek name — Aspasia, Orpheus, Cassiopeia, Heracles. Also tender house names, like Chap or the Crank are appropriate. Main — that the name was pleasant to owners and transferred characteristic features of an animal.

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