How to call an animal

How to call an animal

Here also joyful day came: in your house the pet appeared. The kitten, a puppy, an infant rat - yes you never know fluffy animals can bring joy? However at once after appearance of the new inhabitant there can be problems: how to call an animal?


1. The first that comes to mind - it is the idea to make a start from associations which are caused by your new pet. Fluffy or very ""talkative"" kitten can become the Fluffy or the Cat, a naughty puppy to which it is not sat in place - the Ball... You should not think that such approach very banal. Once turtle called Carla because the pattern on an armor reminded owners of a coat of Carla Delponte.

2. If your favourite thoroughbred also has a family tree, then, most likely, he already has a name. However, for certain not too harmonious. Will not you on walk list all titles of parents of the little champion? The long name can remain in the passport of an animal, and you can think up a nickname which corresponds to character of the kid or your preferences. After all, why you cannot call the Favourite Printsa of William Fenechkoy because you so want? But if a name in the passport rather short and sonorous, then it is possible to leave also it. Alabay Zhay called so on the first letter of a name of parents perfectly responds on the nickname.

3. If the imagination ran low, call to the aid friends or colleagues. Place the photo of the pet in the blog and ask the unique question: ""Kind of you called it?"". Literally in a few minutes you will have choice from dozens of names, one of which absolutely precisely will suit your favourite! Once the problem arose how to call a kitten. Too simple names did not suit him, too refined - too. After owners asked about the help, someone wrote: ""Yes same the poured-out Dry biscuit!"". Really, the best name for this kitten was difficult to be thought up.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team