How to call the favourite

How to call the favourite

Will not be exaggeration to tell that now practically in each family there is a pet. When choosing a nickname for it depart from stereotypes and choose the cheerful, memorable and original nickname for your little favourite.


1. The pet can pick up a name for his color. So, the animal with a white color of wool can bear the name White butterfly, the Snowball, the Snowman, the Blonde or the Snowflake, and it is possible to call the red pet the Freckle, Ryzhulka, Chanterelle or the Saffron milk cap. If your favourite has a black color of wool, then it well will suit the nicknames Night, Chernyshka or the Piece of coal, and here the animal with a gray color will suit the names Haze, Graphite or Fog. If wool at your pet fluffy, then you, without deliberating, can call him by the Fuzz or the Down.

2. Attentively look narrowly at your favourite - perhaps, you will notice some features which will help you to decide on the choice of a nickname finally in his behavior. If your animal likes to sleep long and tight, then it is safely possible to name him Sonya, the Sleepiness, Lenivka, the Clodhopper or Zasypayka. Your pet, on the contrary, is extremely active and is awake more, than sleeps? Then his name can become: Zinger, Fidget, Squabbler, Hurricane, Revolving object, Weasel, Zinger or Skakushka. Pay attention to the relation of your small small animal or a birdie to food - in case process of absorption of food very much is pleasant to your animal, and he eats everything that you offer it, name him Obzhorka, Kolobok, the Ball, Pukhlik or the Chubby. The pet, choosy concerning food, can carry the nickname Fastidious person, Vrednyashk, the Stem or the Baby.

3. When choosing a nickname for a pet reject gravity and approach this question with humour. So, for example, call the pet with short pads Model or Grazia, and an animal with a large constitution - the Kid, the Button, the Invisible being, the Bead or the Baby. If your birdie or a small animal has fighting spirit, then the Little coward, the Meek creature or the Weakling can become its nickname, and here the silent animal can be quite called the Tease, Brave Joe, the Fighter, the Boxer or the Squabbler.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team