How to call the Scottish cat

How to call the Scottish cat

The name which is given to a kitten has to correspond to temper, appearance and breed of a pet. The Scottish cats, they are lovely and amusing, but keep as the true aristocrats therefore the nickname has to reflect duality of their nature.


1. Follow traditions when choosing a nickname of thoroughbred the Scottish cats. In nursery where you buy a kitten, you will be told on what letter it has to begin, it depends on a dung. Besides, the full name of a cat from a family tree will contain nicknames of his ancestors, it is also important to consider their sounding. If the origin of your pet does not impose restrictions for the choice of a name, recognize what is pleasant to you.

2. Give to a kitten truly Scottish name. If you think how to call a kitty, pay attention to traditional names. Especially, each name has the value. For example, the name Aylin means "the blond beauty", Lesley – "a paradise garden", and Cameron – "snub-nosed", well than not a name to the Scottish kitty? Besides, it is possible to choose a name under character of the alumna. If she is distinguished from others with special prettiness, then it is possible to name it Andrenna that "pretty" means. And if the pussycat is lovely, tender and friendly, it is possible to call her Skye or "dreamer".

3. Choose a nickname among man's Scottish names. They also have the value. Therefore it is possible to call a timid kitten Greg, that is "careful". Name the brave kid Bernard that means "fearless as a bear", or Archibald – "original bravery". The gray cat will suit a nickname Graham, it means "gravel", or Steenie – "stone". If since childhood the kitten behaves important and efficiently, call it Pedreyg, that is "nobleman". All these names owing to their "inostrannost" sound important and aristocratically. It is also possible to choose a neutral name, for example, of Ramsi – "wild garlic", Davy - "darling", Forks - "helmets".

4. Use the map of Scotland to choose a name among names of geographical objects of this country. It is not obligatory to call a kitten Edinburgh, Glasgow or Loch Ness at all, it is possible to find something more unique. For example, in the north of Scotland there are cities of Albster, Dannet, Elfin, Oltbi and Terso. They sound beautifully and quite will be suitable for a male kitten. For kitties there will be something harmonious, for example, Dalmalli, Kilmori, Paisley or Shildeyg too. Any of names can be transformed to a pet name.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team