How to celebrate a birthday of a cat

How to celebrate a birthday of a cat

If you perceive the cat as the family member, then the idea to organize a celebration in honor of his birthday looks quite natural. Of course, it is possible just to lay a holiday table and to drink champagne for health of a pet. But it is possible to go some other way – and to try to make so that the cat derived this day at most pleasure.


1. Prepare gifts. It can be a claw sharpener or a lodge for animals, a convenient small pillow, an interesting toy (a fur mouse with a squeaker, a sock with cat's mint, a ball and so on) – everything that can please your favourite. The handle with a laser pointer can become an excellent gift – the majority of cats very hazardously hunts for a bright red speck. Besides, it is possible to give also a "practical" gift – a new tray, a beautiful bowl for food or a forage, a convenient bag carrying.

2. Develop the festive menu. If the cat usually eats industrial sterns, on holiday it is possible to replace a dry feed with tasty cat's canned food. The animal who got used to natural food this day can offer its favourite delicacies. At the same time you can divide a meal with the birthday boy – for example if he prefers beef, include steaks in own menu; if the cat is crazy about a liver or chicken – prepare it and yourself too. If your pet is inclined to beg for pieces from a master's plate, take care of that at a table there were snack which will not do much harm to your pet and treat him, for example, with a cheese piece.

3. If you maintain the friendly relations with owners of the mother of your favourite – call them or send the SMS, having reminded of this significant date and having thanked them and also mom of the hero of the occasion for the fact that in your family such remarkable animal appeared.

4. Surround a cat with love and care. If this active animal – play with him. If your pet most of all likes to lie down quietly on master's knees – give him such opportunity. Iron a cat, you tell him tender words, scratch behind an ear – generally, please in all possible ways.

5. If you have a child – you can turn a birthday of a cat into a small children's holiday. Call friends of the son or the daughter and think up the thematic program. For example, arrange viewing animated films with cat's subject, suggest them to draw or to stick together the birthday boy's portrait from plasticine. But do not forget to remind that a cat – not a toy, and the living being, and it is necessary to treat him with respect. And, if at the height of a holiday the birthday boy wants to hide from guests under the bed – you should not pull out it for a tail from there.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team