How to change the filter at an aquarium

How to change the filter at an aquarium

The aquarium in the house is always a charge of a positive and an occasion to forget about the problems and to relax. Each experienced aquarian perfectly knows that to look at bright tropical small fishes and the rocking green seaweed it is much more pleasant, than on dullness of houses and white snowdrifts. In order that water in your small piece of the ocean was transparent and clean, it is necessary to make cleaning of the filter regularly. Believe, in it there is nothing difficult at all.

It is required to you

  • flowing water, container with clear water, the replaceable filtering cartridge


1. Filtrational systems in aquariums happenof several of types. The simplest, used in medium-sized aquariums – filters on the basis of activated carbon. The design of such system of cleaning consists of primary filtering sponge on which large parts of dirt and silt and also the internal cartridge, the containing coal accumulate. To clean such filter, it is necessary to perform a number of operations. Accurately take a filter canister from water and let's residues of moisture flow down. Then remove a part of the building which contains a filtrational sponge, take a sponge and wash out it in a large amount of flowing water.

2. The filtrational cartridge with activated carbon usually is in the top part of a filter canister. It is the best of all to use the instruction for application and to sort a filtrational system according to it. Open the case and remove the used coal. Depending on the size of your filter and volume of water which it daily banishes through itself(himself) there are certain terms of cleaning and are rumpled the filtering cartridges. The first several times such cartridge can just be washed out under flowing water. And here after the term of operation specified on packing it is necessary to replace filtrational material with new.

3. After washing or full replacement of the filtering cartridge and a sponge collect the filter and ship it in the container with clear water. The fact is that on the filtering cartridges often there are pieces of dust or garbage getting there at factory assembly. Before installation of the new filter in an aquarium with small fishes, it is necessary to wash out some time the filter in clear water. Just ship it in a basin or a bucket with water and include for 5-10 minutes.

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