How to change water in an aquarium

How to change water in an aquarium

Mistake of many beginning aquarians is frequent change of water. And water in an aquarium it is frequent and the more so in full, it is impossible to change. Water completely changes only in exceptional cases. It occurs at death of fishes or if parasitic microorganisms appeared. At the stable mode water in an aquarium does not change for years. Partially change water when cleaning walls of an aquarium and bottom. If water began to smell – it needs to be changed surely.

It is required to you

  • - bucket;
  • - scraper for glass;
  • - transparent hose with a nozzle siphon.


1. To change water, take a bucket, a scraper for glass, a transparent hose with a nozzle siphon. It is better to use a hose from polyvinyl chloride as rubber allocates undesirable components in water. There is a hose with rubber pear with the built-in valve which is passing water one way. There are electric siphons working on batteries. But the simple hose is the cheaper and most convenient. If you are going to truncate plants, take scissors. It is possible just to tear off them hands.

2. Put a bucket below water level in an aquarium. Lower one end of a hose in an aquarium, and take other end in a mouth and accurately soak up, and then quickly lower a hose in a bucket. The main thing is not to take waters. It is possible to make in a different way. Drown a hose in an aquarium entirely, clamp the ends and transfer one to a bucket, and release. Other end is brought to dirt small groups in an aquarium. It is difficult to send a hose to the right places therefore lower a hand in water and you drive them where there was an unfinished forage or dirt accumulated.

3. Do not take a hose too long. Diameter of a hose is the best of all to take 10 – 15 mm. If to take a hose of the big size, then water will pour out too quickly. At big current of water, from a bottom sand can rise, can tighten even curious fish. It is possible to put on a funnel a hose, it will help to simplify the procedure of cleaning and weakens a current a little. When cleaning a bottom about 1/5 or 1/3 part of water follow.

4. After cleaning of a bottom completely, it is not necessary to change water in an aquarium. Fresh water which has to have the same characteristics, as in an aquarium is just added. If in an aquarium there are tropical fishes, temperature of the added water has to be same as in an aquarium or on 1 – 2 degree is higher. If in an aquarium there live cold water fishes, it is not necessary to warm up water. Add water in the small portions, gradually.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team