How to check eggs in an incubator

How to check eggs in an incubator

To make sure that in an incubator oosperms and a germ in them safely are put it develops, required ovoskop. If this device is absent, its analog can be made independently.

It is required to you

  • - ovoskop or the self-made device for raying of eggs
  • - tray for storage of eggs
  • - rubber gloves


1. On an incubation it is desirable to put eggs from the hens, but not imported. The Vyluplyaemost of the last often is lower than 50% for the reason that during transportation from vibrations and temperature drop the embryo perishes. But it can occur and in case process of an incubation is somehow broken. Therefore farmers have a rule: to check eggs before a bookmark, for 6-7 and 11-13 days after it.

2. How to check eggs in an incubator by means of an ovoskop? This procedure run extremely carefully and only purely washed up hands. It is possible to put on thin rubber gloves. It is necessary to take egg two fingers, to check and stack back – the sharp end down. Movements have to be smooth and accurate. It is necessary not only to check each egg which is taken out from an incubator by means of raying, but also it is good to examine regarding darkening or cracks of a shell.

3. If the ovoskop is unavailable, it is possible to make its analog: a simple design from a small cardboard box or a wooden box on which bottom it is necessary to establish a bulb of small power (60-100 W). Directly over it it is necessary to cut out a circle of such size that in deepening it was possible to put egg fearlessly. From a lamp to a cover of a box there have to be no more than 15 cm.

4. Ovoskop or the self-made device it is the best of all to use in the darkened room. In this case the result of raying will be visible more accurately. During survey it is necessary to turn egg accurately and slowly. Ambient temperature has to be sufficient to prevent overcooling of an embryo. That the procedure of check was simpler and less labor-consuming, near ovoskopy and it is recommended to establish a tray for storage of eggs and to stack them in it a blunt end up. But it is necessary to remember also that out of an incubator egg can be no more than two minutes.

5. How to define whether the embryo is alive? When raying eggs before a bookmark in an incubator only the air chamber is most often noticeable. The germ and an embryo are visible as a weak shadow with indistinct borders. To define whether egg is impregnated, it is quite difficult. Therefore farmers do rejection on the basis of visual signs. For example, put in an incubator only large eggs with an equal clean shell. For 6-7 day of an incubation it is possible to distinguish network of thin blood vessels in the pointed end of egg, and the embryo looks as a dark stain. If vessels are not visible, so the germ is dead.

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