How to choose a bag carrying for a cat

How to choose a bag carrying for a cat

Really careful and responsible owner of a cat for certain had to transport more than once an animal. Planned and emergency visits to the veterinarian, trips to giving, an exhibition or to knitting – yes you never know what can be occasions to take out the favourite from the house. Of course, it is possible to transport a cat and on hands or in a sports bag, but it is the most convenient to use special carrying.


1. Decide on for what purposes you will use carrying still before you go to shop to choose it. For example, if cat's carrying is required to you to go somewhere by plane together with the favourite, then choose rather easy and compact model among the range of these goods. To have an opportunity to take carrying with an animal in inside of the airliner as hand luggage, its length, width and height should not exceed certain values which in the sum usually do not exceed 115 cm. If carrying is intended for a cat in order that you could prevail an animal in a joint travel on the car, then it is better to get more spacious model in which it will be convenient to it. If the long trip is supposed, for example, by rail, choose carrying in which except a cat both the tray and a pan with water will be located.

2. Draw the closest attention to a design of cat's carrying. First of all, give the preference to those models at which strong neprominayushcheesya a bottom – the animal will feel much more surely if under his paws a certain similarity of "a firm floor". Also carefully consider all locks and especially places of fastening of handles to the case of carrying - it is weak points of many models. Do not you want carrying with your favourite to come off handles and fell to the ground, to death having frightened your alumna? Be better reinsured and choose more expensive and reliable model, and then transportation of a cat will not be followed by an excessive stress for an animal.

3. For the same reason choose more reliable models made of strong plastic which will reliably protect the pet. In general, rigid plastic containers it is more preferable to transportation of a cat, than wicker baskets and bags carryings especially made of cloth. It is important that walls had viewing openings and along with it were strong that the animal felt safe and had an opportunity to see what occurs around it.

4. Keep in mind that the carrying bought by you can simply not have on temper to your animal. In spite of the fact that qualitative modern cats accessories are made mainly of the non-toxic and almost deprived of a smell plastic grades, the cat can refuse flatly to settle down in carrying. In this case you have to be helped by its thorough washing and the rug, habitual for your alumna, placed on a carrying bottom.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team