How to choose a cage for a parrot

How to choose a cage for a parrot

The most important that it is necessary to know about parrots, is that in the nature they are very freedom-loving birds and, certainly, keeping of parrots in bondage can have an adverse effect on their health. Therefore and it is necessary to approach the choice of a cage with all responsibility.


1. Equip a cage with various open-air cages, poles and other devices thanks to which the parrot will have an opportunity to play. Do not forget that the same poles will need to be placed also in rooms of your apartment as the parrot needs to move, and continuous stay in a cage can cause sad results.

2. Remember that it is not necessary to buy floor cages for keeping of a parrot at all, parrots only highly from the earth feel safe.

3. Pay attention to a cage form. Often shops offer too narrow cages for keeping of a parrot, in such cages the bird will hardly be able freely to move. And parrots rather active birdies and, being in an inconvenient and close cage, can become more aggressive. If to speak about the approximate sizes of a cage, then in general it is better to choose such which width about 80 cm, but here it is important to consider that the area of ""floor"" and ""ceiling"" of a cage were rather big as parrots move mainly across and the cage can be even not really high.

4. Choose the correct arrangement of a cage in your apartment. It is better to arrange a cage where most often all family members as I will scare extremely important are going to feel the belonging to family. Besides, it will help it to feel more protected, and it will be much simpler to you to be engaged in his education, your favourite will always be in the public eye.

5. Think over also such option of creation of an extra space for a parrot as the open-air cage located in the open air. For its creation it is possible to use a balcony or a verandah. Thanks to existence of such open-air cage your pet will be able not only to breathe fresh air, but also to have a rest from society of people.

6. Approach responsibly and seriously the choice of a cage as some species of parrots take unfreedom hard. Therefore try to create to the pet comfortable conditions of keeping.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team