How to choose a cow

How to choose a cow

For certain it happened to you to hear impatient exclamations: "what you so long choose – not a cow buy!". And this phrase is not deprived of the background, to choose a cow often a difficult task. But there is nothing impossible at competent approach.


1. Be defined for what you buy a cow: you need a dairy or meat Burenka, and maybe meat and dairy (combined). The ideal option for dairy cattle breeding can be considered black and motley breed of cows. These cows are unpretentious, they do not need a large number of forages, but they are characterized by rich milk yield, but also also quite good meat qualities.

2. Pay attention to a general view of a cow. At a good animal the head, small concerning a trunk, – dry and easy with the extended front part; long with thin to skin a neck; the proportional, developed body extending to the back (a trunk sideways by the form as the truncated cone). The cow has to have rather narrow breast, deep, and a belly roundish, a back – a straight line. The Burenka should not resemble externally a bull and has no rough voice. Horns have to be thin, be bent a little inside. Examine, feel all body of a cow on presence of ulcers and tumors.

3. Examine a cow udder. It has to be rounded, cup-shaped shape, a share – identical in size and the size. If some of them differs, it can be a consequence of the postponed disease, it is unknown as it affected quality of milk. Nipples have to be not thick and not thin. Owners of the first hardly give milk, the second - often lose milk. Pay attention to udder skin. It has to be thin that thick and elastic veins were visible. If the cow was milked recently, then the udder can be less in a size, than usually and to form folds, so-called "stock". Check whether there are no warts and cracks there.

4. There are still some fine details to which it is necessary to pay attention. First, it is desirable that the end of a tail hanged down below a knee joint. If in a brush of a tail the dandruff is visible, it speaks about intensive exchange processes at an animal. Secondly, ears – existence tells sulfurs in a large number about high fat content of milk there.

5. Vysokoudoyny cows, as a rule, are a little thin, but their leanness should not be excessive. So to say, it is rather a podzharost. A beautiful slender cow – the queen in the herd. So to it will get both the grass is better, and water is fresher, and it will have a milk, respectively, the best. She has to be quiet, timid animals milk a little, it is heavy to support them, and to re-educate it will hardly turn out. For check touch a neck of a cow - the quiet cow will only look at you will bewildered and a little be discharged of the stranger. Timid creation will strain and will recoil.

6. Ask the seller as much he had cows whether often changed them. A cow of timid the owner does and if people treated an animal kindly, then and the character remained with him good. Such owners of cows change infrequently and to parting with the wet nurse treat as loss.

7. In general the cow has to have a vigorous look, light step and clear eyes. She has to eat much and everything, especially without touching, to chew, chew and to chew once again. If you decided on the choice of a Burenka, can ask permission to milk her for the owner. Check how to you she in milking, you will taste its milk.

8. At the good owner the veterinary card on a cow where the information about an animal, his inoculations, inspections are specified has to be got. Also these data can be received in a gosvetinspektion. There are various diseases of chronic type which cannot be found by superficial survey, but they are dangerous as they are transferred to the person (tuberculosis, a brucellosis, etc.). You can insist before purchase on repeated inspection of an animal, it is provided by the veterinary legislation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team