How to choose a dog security guard

How to choose a dog security guard

The dog can become not only the loyal friend, but also the excellent bodyguard and even the watchman. But that the dog became really the assistant and the defender, it is necessary to be mistaken her with his breed, character, learning ability, devotion

Large breeds

Most of people agrees in opinion that it of a dog of so-called large breeds is an absolute right choice for those who decided to save the private possession from undesirable attempts, the species of a similar sentry dog is capable to give the shakes and force the robber to turn in the opposite direction. However, it is authentically known that large-size huskies and mastino-neopolitical ANO, are too friendly and clever for performance of the functions assigned to them, it is difficult to present in this role and decorative and hunting dogs. It is the best of all to choose hardy, mistrustful to strangers and balanced representatives of the German, Central Asian and Caucasian sheep-dogs, a Rottweiler, a Dobermann terrier pinscher or a terrier if it is about service indoors.You remember, not all dogs can limit the movement to small space and with ease will allow to chain themselves. Riesenschnauzers, for example, I demand thorough care for wool therefore are the wrong choice for lazy and irresponsible owners. Many breeds demand special approach, patience and persistent training, to them, for example, fighters of an amstaffa and impatient terriers belong.

Medium sized breeds

If you are interested in "compact" breeds which surprisingly well approach for a role of the personal razvorotlivy bodyguards who are easily located on back seat of the car it is worth looking narrowly at fearless bull terriers. If you decided to find to yourself not only the incorruptible security guard, but also the true friend and the assistant choose medium sized breeds, at the same time you remember that bulldogs will hardly be able to wait for long time you in the stuffy car and will demand deep respect and the friendly, "not dog" relation. Boxers are considered as excellent security guards, they remarkably give in to training, are amazing bodyguards and at the same time are cherezvychayno kind and sympathetic in relation to the owner and his children. Choosing a dog - the security guard carefully think over a question of the habitat and walks of your future pet, you remember that the similar dog has to be able to react quietly to big congestions of people, but at the same time, not to be the object of public attention and constant "zatiskivaniye". Not all dogs can resignedly fall in love with all members of your family. Many can concern not adequately children and old men and therefore require constant attention and rigid training. A dog it is not always capable to be given completely to will of the owner, be ready that representatives of separate breeds are imperious and demand periodic victories over the owner in joint games which cultivate in it spirit of the reliable security guard. Carefully consider the financial, household and psychological opportunities, dogs demand permanent care, enough the place and serious monetary expenses.

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