How to choose a domestic polecat upon purchase

How to choose a domestic polecat upon purchase

Polecats began to be considered as pets along with cats and dogs more and more. Education and care for a polecat differs from care for other pets a little.

It is desirable to buy a polecat from private manufacturers, in clubs and the breeding centers. It is necessary to know that at each animal individual temperament and character, to contain houses equally well both a female and a male. By four months at polecats habits and character are formed. So to four-months age, you will be able to define temperament of your favourite.

Types and character of polecatsThe polecat treats family of marten. Three main types of polecats are known: American, Eurasian – forest (black), Eurasian – steppe (white). Polecats were accustomed in Ancient Egypt, and they perfectly live with people. Before buying a polecat properly think. Whether your members of household agree that in the apartment will appear unruly, crazy and everywhere the sticking nose, a young of wild animal which behavior is comparable with a game of the three-year-old child. Whether you agree to spend time for a polecat, to forgive it a dirty trick, to look after him, to remove a cage. And if you buy a polecat, he will present you the attachment and love. If you conceived to lodge at yourself this beautiful, lovely and unruly animal, then it is better for you to get couple because one will get bored and will lose interest in life. And together they will sleep and play your absence with each other.

Choice of an animal

It is desirable to buy already adult individuals. Domestic polecats at four-months age already rather matured to get used to the new owner. At four-months polecats the character is built already rather up, and at acquaintance to an animal you will be able to define whether will accept you a polecat. Animals at such age already perfectly understand, that it is good and that it is bad, and perfectly understand purpose of a tray. And domestic polecats, already understand and adopt rules of conduct in your apartment. If to buy a polecat at two-month age, then it is necessary to understand that it painfully treats irrational food and small physical activity. Means before buying such puppy, you have to study attentively literature on care for polecats. If you decided to buy an adult polecat, you have to understand that it will be possible to gain his trust not at once. And if you treat it with patience and love, then he will answer you with the same. Each individual has features. Males are larger, fur at them is more beautiful and more dense, but females are graceful, tiny and eat less, they are quick and playful. The male becomes more senior, the he is lazier and moves less. So choose an animal on the taste, and you remember, in your house there lives now a living being who expects your love and caress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team