How to choose a kitten of a Persian cat

How to choose a kitten of a Persian cat

Persian cats are the first domestic animals who received calling at fans of cats not only within the Russian Federation but also behind its borders. Some are engaged in cultivation of thoroughbred Siberians to participate in specialized exhibitions, others bring them to the house as pets. In either case it is necessary to treat the choice of the Siberian kitten with special responsibility.


1. Before select Siberian of a kitten from the whole brood, look narrowly at mother of kids. If it seems to you not well-groomed, means and kittens, most likely, did not receive due care. Kids have to be clean, active, strong, curious and carefully licked.

2. Never choose the least and defenseless Siberian kitten. At such shy kids the immunity to various diseases, as a rule, is strongly weakened. It is caused by active kittens of food get what much more, than to those which are afraid of everything. Too aggressive Siberian kitten, that which pushes all starts fights and constantly defeats other kids a game, also you should not choose.

3. Pay special attention to a family tree of the Siberian kitten if in the future you plan to be engaged in his exhibition career seriously. The family tree has to contain information on the immediate family of the kid, their titles and full names. Remember that elite Siberian kittens from a faultless family tree cost very much.

4. Choosing the Siberian kitten which hair is painted in unusual color, you remember that only Siberians of a standard color can participate in specialized exhibitions.

5. It is desirable to separate the Siberian kitten from a cat at the age of 2.5-3 months when he quietly can already do without mom. Make sure that by this time she managed to train kids in all "knowledge": to independent food, use of device for sharpening of claws, circulation in a toilet and also to the main skills of hunting and self-defense.

6. Carefully examine the Siberian kitten who was pleasant to you. Its wool, without the felted lumps, dandruff and parasites, has to shine and shine. Make sure that a nose, eyes and ears of the Siberian kitten chosen by you absolutely clean, without different crusts and allocations. White Siberian kittens with blue eyes surely check for deafness.

7. If you choose a kitten of a Persian cat for the first time, for the purpose of his further participation in specialized exhibitions, surely study all adopted standards of the Siberian breed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team