How to choose a nickname for the British cat

How to choose a nickname for the British cat

The thoroughbred British cat differs in very impressive appearance. The powerful frame, a dense constitution, a magnificent plush fur coat and an attentive look of amber eyes - such cat deserves a name which will correspond to her beauty. Choose a nickname which will be pleasant to you and will suit a cat - it is possible that in this respect it has own opinion.

What suits a cat

When choosing a name for a thoroughbred cat it is necessary to consider her family tree. At a nickname of an animal there have to be first letters or syllables from names of parents, and sometimes even more distant titled ancestors. Often the name of nursery also is included in the list of names. Exact information to you will be given by the manufacturer, he can even offer several suitable options. However nothing prevents to think up to the titled animal a house name and in life to call haughty Shelliket Russita Gilly-Tillie just Poured.The name for a cat has to be sonorous and not too long. Felinologists consider that cats like repetition of identical syllables and abundance of vowels. Therefore nicknames like Mimi, Sissi, Ning, Fifin and so on quite will approach. It is desirable that nicknames were not in consonance with names of children and other pets. Cats perceive only several familiar combinations of letters, at coincidence they will be confused. Consider features of a color, appearance and character of a kitten. The thoroughbred British sell already bred so you will be able to understand at once, your pet a house tyrant or the meek creature will be. Respectively, it is possible to name a kitten Sonya or Regina, Demyen or Enzhel. Very simple approach - a nickname on a color. It is possible to name a silvery cat Silver, snow-white - Snouboll, coal-black - Bleky. Consider also nicknames, popular in the English-speaking countries, - they will emphasize overseas origin of breed. British simple names like Flaffi, Puff, Fairey, Magic will approach. Also names with the "Mr.", "lady" or "Ms." prefix are popular - such solid nicknames quite suit large phlegmatic cats.

In search of inspirationInteresting names can be found in fiction. Remember the favourite heroes or just picturesque characters from books. Flint, Soms, Jane, Bonnie, Carrie - will be suitable for nicknames not only names, but also surnames. The interesting ideas can be found also in cinemas-blockbusters or film classics. Also famous people will approach - for example, it is possible to name a magnificent cat Churchill, and a graceful cat - Godiva. A quite good way which owners of breeding farms - the choice of a nickname according to the dictionary often use. Thus it is possible to find a suitable word on the set letter - this especially relevant for cats from a family tree. Having picked up several suitable options, discuss them with house and choose a name which will be pleasant to all. Offer it and a cat. If the alumna becomes interested in an unusual combination of letters, the nickname for certain will suit it.

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