How to choose a parrot of a korell

How to choose a parrot of a korell

Parrots of a korell are bright birds with an amusing cop. They are sociable, quickly get used to the owner and become manual. That keeping of a parrot in house conditions came easy, it is necessary to choose correctly upon purchase a bird.


1. If you need a parrot for entertainment, choose a young individual. The 5-6 weeks baby bird will become the best age for normal adaptation to the new house. That the bird got used to you quicker, spend with her much time. At this age by the sizes the parrot of a korell is similar to the adult, but coloring is much more pale. If you are not able often to communicate with it, pick up a male and a female – so your pet will not begin to miss alone.

2. Observe korelly. If the parrot sits blindly, having ruffled up and on two legs – he is sick. The healthy birdie is very mobile, eyes brilliant, are completely open and have round shape. Examine ears, having carefully raised small feathers – external openings should not bear traces of inflammation.

3. Feel pectoral muscles of a parrot. At a full and well-fed korella the chest skeleton is not probed. If the bird was poorly fed, then muscles of a breast are atrophied, their sharp contour appears through plumage. Do not choose such parrot - the defective food allowance affected health and will lead to development of diseases.

4. Look at the general condition of a pen-type cover: it has to be uniform and without signs of loss of bunches of feathers. If an adherence leaky the sticking-out feathers are also noticeable, the parrot is infected by parasites. Straighten serially each wing and make sure available all swing and steering feathers. Examine an anus: the covering should not be soiled by a dung and if on it to blow, then skin without reddenings will appear.

5. At parrots of this look it is easy to distinguish a floor on coloring of plumage. Main distinction: brightness of feathers of a male and sad coloring of females. The male can be "dressed up" in dark olive feathers, a head with a cop yellow and with red spots on cheeks. And at a female - gray color with a brownish shade in the bottom of a little body and pale brown spots on cheeks. However males of a korell gets final bright coloring by 9-12 months.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team