How to choose a pet on a horoscope

How to choose a pet on a horoscope

Each zodiac sign has favourite pets. Someone prefers cheerful and quick, someone - imperceptible and silent small animals, and they in the house it is necessary for someone just to get rid of feeling of loneliness. But what Zodiac suits what animal?

Astrologers recommend to choose it in accurate compliance with the zodiac accessory.

Arieses (on March 21 - on April 20)

The people born under this sign are purposeful, rather vigorous, mobile and resolute. They very often are leaders in the companies and love all big and strong. They will suit such animals as: the Irish terrier, a Dobermann terrier, a Rottweiler, a mastiff and other mobile dogs differing in sweet temper (if they are not accustomed to another). 

Tauruses (on April 21 - on May 20)

These people pay special attention to tactile feelings, but they are almost constantly busy with various affairs. Therefore their choice has to fall on beautiful animals for whom permanent care is not required. Treat those, for example: spitz-dogs, aquarium fishes, cats of various breeds (including, domestic cats). 

Twins (on May 21 - on June 21)

Representatives of this sign - are very talkative and friendly. It is very difficult for them to be in silence and rest more than several hours. Therefore it is worth choosing by it not animals, but birds which it is possible to teach to talk: gray African or budgerigar, cockatoo. 

Cancer (on June 22 - on July 22)

What pet suits this zodiac sign? It for which it is possible to care (kittens, hamsters, dogs of dwarfish breeds, huge snails of an akhatina, a turtle, etc.). Cancers, in itself very responsible and thrifty, like to sponsor all. 

Lion (on June 23 - on August 22)

Lions very much love all unusual and extravagant, always try to be the focus of attention. And still the special impulsiveness is inherent in them. Therefore also they choose animals almost accidentally, on command of heart. Perfectly this zodiac sign is suited: thoroughbred cats (for example, Siamese, phlegmatic Persians or friendly sphinxes), rats, chinchillas. 

The maiden (on August 23 - on September 22)

Pedantic and loving rules in all maidens it is better to establish in the house of clean and friendly animals from whom there is no lot of dirt. It: Bern shepherd's or Chinese crested dogs, Italian greyhounds, cats of breed sphinx"", aquarium fishes. 

Scales (on September 23 - on October 22)

Scales in everything and always look for harmony and beauty and have faultless taste. And still they very much like to have a good time. Therefore they should pay attention to small animals who at the same time will be able to amuse and to satisfy esthetic hunger. It is possible to carry to those: parrot ""pink-checked nerazluchnik"", canaries, little squirrels, kittens, puppies. From acquisition of animals which should be brought up, better to refrain. 

Scorpion (on October 23 - on November 21)

It is the best of all for scandalous, extravagant, inquisitive and impressionable representatives of this sign to bring the quiet, quietly behaving pets in the house: iguana, bird spiders, boas or crocodiles. These exotically animals will not give them trouble. From ordinary animals it is possible to get only what have a black color. Scorpions will not get on with others.

Sagittarius (on November 22 - on December 21)

To benevolent and vigorous Sagittariuses big and noble pets will have on temper: dogs of the average and large sizes, horses, clever rats. They will be able for it the real partners with whom it is possible to spend own time actively. 

Capricorn (on December 22 - on January 19)

Practical and ambitious Capricorns need animals who will obey them in everything. At the same time they have to emphasize a statusnost of the owner. Aspiration to rise on a social ladder at representatives of this sign in blood. What pets correspond to it best of all? German shepherds, domestic lynxes (piksiboba), mastiffs or cats of exotic breeds. 

The Aquarius (on January 20 - on February 18)

To such individualists as Aquarius, it is necessary to choose animals to himself as well matched - cold, exotic and unusual. They will be suited most of all: exotic iguanas and dogs of unusual breeds (for example, Labradors or Yorkshire terriers). Besides, they can buy small animals which any more anybody of acquaintances does not have (for example, kapibar or tiny donkeys). 

Fishes (on February 19 - on March 20)

Fishes though kind, but rather lazy. They will suit any animals who are not requiring a special care (for example, tropical small fishes). Though in case of need they and any other will not leave to the mercy of fate. As the sense of responsibility in them is strongly developed too. 

As a conclusion

Apparently, an animal for each zodiac sign - the. It is possible to choose, of course, it according to the horoscope. However you do not seek to do it strongly. As the most important when choosing house an animal is your attitude towards him. Think first of all: and whether you will be able to fall in love with it?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team