How to choose a pig

How to choose a pig

From that, pigs will be how correctly chosen, their growth and the profit of the owner will depend. Most well animals of a spring farrow grow. On autumn pigs much more forage and time for achievement of industrial ripeness will leave. If animals undertake on the tribe, the most optimal variant is thoroughbred breeds. For sagination it is better to take a hybrid as they stronger also are less subject to diseases.

It is required to you

  • - wooden boxes for transportation;
  • - straw or hay for a laying.


1. If pigs are bought on the tribe, it is the best of all to make a purchase in breeding economy where their thoroughbredness is guaranteed and related pairings which take place on private farmsteads are excluded. Very well approach on the tribe of breed: landras, large white and Vietnamese vislobryukhy which gains the increasing popularity because of rapid growth and a primary herbivorous diet.

2. The sow of large white breed brings from 12 to 16 pigs on 2-3 times a year that several times justifies its contents. When choosing it is necessary to consider that thoroughbred pigs weaker and are subject to diseases unlike a hybrid.

3. It is necessary to buy pigs two-month. If animals are otsazhivat early from a sow, they grow worse and besides are not able to eat independently, and change of a food allowance can cause indigestion for most of which often and purchased pigs perish.

4. Before purchase attentively examine a pig. The healthy animal has to have clean, brilliant eyes, a tail a hook. Also that the pig is healthy, his mobility and loud squeal demonstrates if he is taken on hands.

5. Most well pigs with a long trunk and with high legs grow. Therefore it is necessary to examine an animal attentively. Even from one farrow one sow can have different pigs, especially if the dung was numerous, and the most dairy front nipples always had stronger animals. It will significantly influence further their growth.

6. At thoroughbred landras the ears close eyes, and the head with a trunk is almost exactly. A trunk long, legs high. If eyes are not closed by ears, and between the head and a trunk there is a dredging, and you are said that it is chistokrovka, do not trust. It is, at best, the hybrid and not really suits for the tribe.

7. If the pig sluggish, a tail hangs down and wet, it is better to refuse purchase as at it obvious indigestion and as it was already written above - it is the most frequent cause of death of little pigs.

8. Planning to conduct grease sagination, it is necessary to buy pigs on short legs, podgy and round. Grease breeds quickly stop the growth and begin to gain the weight and fat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team