How to choose a pug puppy upon purchase

How to choose a pug puppy upon purchase

To choose a small mopsik from crowd of friendly charming lumps which joyfully run out to you towards can be more difficult, than you thought. All of them are such charming! How to stop on unique and it is correct to make everything?

State of health

It is necessary to take a puppy not earlier than two-month age. By this moment he is already completely independent of maternal milk and is accustomed to a forage. Often manufacturers at this age already do to kids the first party of necessary inoculations.First of all it is necessary to make sure that the puppy of a pug is healthy and well feels. For this purpose attentively examine it. Ears, eyes and a nose have to be clean, without slime, dirt or pus. Hair of a puppy has to look tidily and to be moderately brilliant. If wool dim, is covered with dandruff or on it traces of activity of insects are noticeable – better to refuse an animal. By the way, if one puppy in a dung is sick with something, most often the disease is also available for the others, is just not so noticeable. The healthy puppy has to be moderately mobile and cheerful. Compare his behavior and activity to brothers and sisters. Too sluggish kid – an occasion to prick up the ears, but also excessively active too.


If of great importance how your future pug will look is for you, surely look at his mom. At dogs of this breed the eksteryerny signs are transferred to 60-80% of mother therefore even if the father of family – the champion, kids can be similar to it at all. Of course, at the age of two months to understand how your puppy at adult age, very difficult will look. But if it is important for you that it corresponded to exhibition criteria, pay attention to signs of breed. The head of a puppy of a pug has to be large, with chubby cheeks and folds. The tail will be bent a ringlet and it is highly put, and puppy height is almost equal in withers to its length. Check that in a mopsik there were in existence all canines and cutters. Certainly, teeth will change and the bite can also change, however discrepancies with criteria already at early age – a reason for refusal of exhibition career.

Psychological aspects

Pug – a domestic dog. Therefore it is very important that to a puppy it was comfortable to live with the new owners, and his character and temperament corresponded to your wishes. Make sure that the puppy is not afraid of you, behaves amicably and openly. Perhaps, that small mopsik before your arrival did not see foreign people and this event them confused a little, however, healthy kids very quickly get used to people and with pleasure will begin to communicate with you. If you cannot choose a puppy, just wait so far one of them will not choose you. The great love begins with the first meeting.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team