How to choose a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier

How to choose a puppy of a Yorkshire terrier

To choose a good puppy of a Yorkshire terrier is very serious business. It is necessary to approach such choice responsibly. Some signs concerning health and appearance of a puppy form a basis of the choice.

The puppy of a Yorkshire terrier is taken away at the age of 2–3 months. To this age at a puppy all inoculations have to be put and to be the pet passport with their marks. If a puppy from a family tree, then have to give you a puppyish card where there are all data on a puppy.

Behavior of a puppyObserve a puppy. He has to be active and strong, cheerful and mobile. Such puppy possesses brilliant iridescent free wool. On wool there should not be dandruff, peelings, dryness. If those are available, you should not take such puppy. The healthy pet has to move on direct extremities with the round, collected in a lump paws. Movements free and coordinated. The limping or held down movements testify to the progressing malformation of joints. Take a puppy if his wool black with gold marks. The increased woolliness at a little puppy can be welcomed if it is absolutely silk. If wool wavy or curly, then further it does not become a straight line. Unclear spots are not allowed, but the small white speck on a breast is possible as at a molt it disappears.

Health of a puppy

Attentively examine a puppy from all directions. The nose has to be black, cold and damp. Mucous gums has to have pink color and if they pale, then it speaks about an anemia. On each jaw of a puppy 6 cutters and 2 canines. The bite has to be nozhnitseobrazny, as a last resort — kleshcheobrazny. Other types of a bite – are undesirable. 2–3 monthly puppies who in the future apply for victories in exhibitions have to have a closed fontanel. Study the top of the head. At more adult puppies, up to 1.5 kg the fontanel is open and has the size with a diameter of 3 mm. Unfortunately, such puppy has no chances of a victory in exhibitions. If at a puppy a weak constitution and the big yablokoobrazny head, protruding eyes and not overgrown fontanel, then he suffers from a nanizm. Such dogs perish from dropsy. Eyes of a Yorkshire terrier have to be dark, damp, look directly forward. Smudges under eyes speak about defects a century. Suppurations demonstrate presence of an infection in an organism. Dark pupils, a clean iris of an eye — the evidence of lack of inflammations and injuries. Ears at puppies of a Yorkshire terrier to 2-month age rise, but there are exceptions if a puppy from thoroughbred parents. Consider ears of a puppy. On edge of an ear there should not be crusts or baldness, they have to be covered with wool. Visible sites of an ear have to be clean. If the kid shakes the head, scratches behind an ear and from it there is an unpleasant smell showing that in an ear the inflammatory process began. The skin of a stomach has to be clear, healthy, without spots or rash. The stomach should not be inflated as it can speak about the broken digestion or a helminthic invasion.

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