How to choose a puppy of the Jack Russell Terrier

How to choose a puppy of the Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier promoted popularity of dogs of breed Hollywood much. Many wanted to have a dog, as at the main character of the movie "Mask". Jack Russell Terriers differ in cheerful fervent nature, perfectly get on with other pets and children. They are always mobile, friendly and friendly. In a word, an excellent dog for active people. But, buying the pet even from the manufacturer, it is worth being very attentive. Professionalism not always serves as a reliable guarantee in dog breeding that you receive a good puppy.


1. Choose a puppy who does not lift up the odnopometnik and does not sit in a corner, shaking with fear. The first will grow up too aggressive, and the second – coward.

2. Buying a thoroughbred dog, it is impossible to save and buy a puppy more weakly, but is cheaper. Many veterinarians are the people obsessed with passion for moneymaking. Treatment of the patient of a dog can pour out in the sum comparable to the price of the new car.

3. Absolutely little puppies not only win for ever the heart a velvet hair, muddy eyes and curve pads, but also with success turn any apartment into branch of a public toilet. Therefore you should not follow the tastes of instincts - take a dog is more senior. Around 10 weeks and imparted that with her it was possible to walk. And if expensive carpets or a piece type-setting parquet lie at home everywhere, the dog has to be not younger than 5 months and is accustomed to the street.

4. Unlike small fishes and kittens, puppies adore being on sale. They with such pleasure rush to you towards, so violently strive to lick your nose that any producers of advertizing in comparison with them are puppies. Be not bought on the first kid who overdiscussed to you trousers, look still at least at three.

5. Having decided on a specific dog, check his physical state. Body temperature of a healthy puppy should not exceed 39C. Normal 38.2 - 38.6C. The lobe of a nose has to be cool and damp, breath – free. Pay attention to mucous, they have to be bright pink. Pale gums can testify to worms or anemia. Check teeth. Nedokus or having a snack will not be corrected with age, teeth have to be straight and equal.

6. Examine eyes and ears. The look of a puppy has to be serene, direct, without inflammation of the third century, purulent allocations or the zavorot a century. The ear canal has to be dry and clean. If the puppy often winds the head, and ears dirty, it can be the evidence of existence of ear pincers.

7. The stomach of a puppy should not be blown up. Otherwise it testifies to improper feeding or to existence of worms. Check presence of hernia around a navel or a groin. Genitals have to be clean, the irritation specifies in this area on worms, diarrhea or other violations of digestion. Make sure that at a kobelk both small egg are in a scrotum. Check that heart fought exactly and rhythmically. Wool has to be free, without koltun. Any skin irritation problems, outgrowths or combing can speak about existence of parasites.

8. Throw to a puppy a ball and look how the dog moves. Whether there is no lameness as a puppy is developed physically, how actively joins in a game. At the same time you can check its ability to learning ability. Behind a ball nine dogs from ten will run, seven will find it. Five will bring back. Three dogs will agree to give you a ball. And only two of ten willingly will do all this once again. As a rule, Jack Russell Terriers show high development of intelligence and a good dressiruyemost.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team