How to choose a sheep-dog

How to choose a sheep-dog

Sheep-dog – the excellent friend and the brave defender. You can get the Scottish, Bern or yuzhnorusssky sheep-dog, owners, but most often the choice of future owners stops on a German shepherd. Buying a puppy, you have to be sure that you buy the thoroughbred animal who is completely meeting standards. Spend time for the choice and comparison – and the healthy, cheerful and beautiful pet will become an award to you.


1. Buy a dog only from the checked manufacturer. You can learn the address from other owners sheep-dogs or in club of dog breeders. The owner of nursery guarantees not only compliance to breed. Correctly grown up puppy will be ill less often and it is correct to develop. By the time of purchase the thoroughbred puppy has to be imparted.

2. Examine a dung. Skilled owners of dogs recommend to stop the choice on the most active and curious puppy. The young sheep-dog should not be afraid of sharp sounds, cottons, strangers. The mobility and cheerfulness of a puppy means that he is healthy, will well eat, quickly grow and will not cause you additional problems.

3. Pick up the pleasant puppy, examine him. The puppy of a sheep-dog has to be well well-fed, have thick paws and a flexible tail. Do not take too thin or, on the contrary, excessively fat small animal with the inflated belly – it can indicate problems with digestion or pathology of internals.

4. Check a puppy bite – it has to be nozhnitseeobrazny. The wrong bite guarantees disqualification at an exhibition, the ban on breeding cultivation and problems with food. If you buy the bred puppy, pay attention to his ears – to six-month age they have to be put.

5. Throw a paper ball or delicacy on a floor, inducing a puppy to be run. The healthy dog should have no reeling gait, her paws have to be direct and strong, without signs of a curvature. Thin and curve extremities – a sure sign of rickets.

6. The good puppy has to have big shoulders and hips, an equal back without provislost and a hump, a beautiful inclination of a croup. The tail should not be bent by a ring at all or to hang a hook. The real sheep-dog has moderately thick tail slightly curved in the form of a saber.

7. Having chosen a puppy, surely specify the mode of inoculations and the menu to which the animal got used at owners. In the first days in the new house it is desirable to adhere to a diet, usual for a small animal. Sometimes owners supply the buyer with a forage stock. Do not forget to receive a puppyish card – on its basis you will be able to issue a family tree of the pet.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team