How to choose a Siamese kitten upon purchase

How to choose a Siamese kitten upon purchase

Thoroughbred Siamese cats differ in refined appearance and independent character. Planning to buy a kitten of this breed, in advance solve whether you will expose him or to use in breeding cultivation. If you need a charming pet, it will be possible to save on his purchase, and kittens of a show and a brid-class cost quite much.

Kittens of a plant louse of business and soul: whom to prefer

Choosing a kitten, get acquainted with his family tree. In him the breed of both kitten parents, and his closest ancestors has to be precisely specified. It is important if you are interested in breeding cultivation. If you plan to get the pet "as a hobby", be guided by appearance of parents.In advance solve whom you will take - a male or a samochka. Manufacturing cats of oriental breeds are inclined to pugnacity. But if you do not plan breeding cultivation, it is better to buy a cat and it is obligatory to castrate him. This operation for a male is less traumatic, than for a female. After sterilization the cat will become less aggressive, besides she will remove many other behavioural problems. Those who is going to knit the animals, but wants to save, should buy a cat of a brid-class. Unlike a male of the same category she is allowed to cultivation, and costs cheaper than animals of a show class.

Standards of breedWhen choosing a kitten attentively examine it. Of course, in the kid it is not always possible to recognize future champion, but defects or advantages are noticeable even at early age. Estimate wool and a color of a small animal. Siamese cats differ in wool, dense, short, skintight to a body. Kittens are born snow-white, but in two weeks the true color of their wool is shown. The most popular option - a color point with dark chocolate marks on a cream skin. The blyu-point - pearl gray with a little more dark marks is less known a color. Distinctive feature of Siamese - the slanting almond-shaped eyes of transparent-blue color put at the level of a nose back. On an iris there should not be spots, eyes should not be round at all. The Siamese's muzzle which is slightly extended, pointed. Pay attention and to ears. Ideal option - the kitten with the large, well standing ears "vrazlt". The constitution of a kitten has to be proportional. Siamese are distinguished by the extended torso and paws, graceful, not too dense case. Examine a tail - it has to be long, thin, narrowed by the end, without zalom.

The main thing - health

Choosing a kitten, make sure that he is healthy. Siamese kids differ in good immunity, however survey of future pet is necessary. Check proportionality of addition of a small animal, estimate as he moves. Glance to a small animal under a tail - on wool there should not be signs of a diarrhea. The nose and eyes also have to be clean, without crusts and allocations. The skin of a healthy kitten shines, on it not considerably signs of dandruff or bald spots. Pay attention to behavior of a kitten. The healthy small animal is active, curious, he with pleasure makes contact, is interested in toys. Take an interest in appetite of an animal - it is desirable that it was unpretentious in food. Thoroughbred kittens have to be accustomed to a firm forage and are imparted - do not forget to take the reference confirming timely vaccination.

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