How to choose and buy a budgerigar

How to choose and buy a budgerigar

Budgerigars are unpretentious and rather hardy. Their wide popularity is connected with availability in the price and simplicity in leaving. Before acquisition of a parrot it is necessary to study features of this breed to provide them healthy and long life.

Where to buy a budgerigar?

There are several places where it is possible to buy wavy parrot. These are numerous pet-shops, nurseries, the markets. The first and second way are considered as more reliable, but there are also shortcomings: the prices can be higher, than in the market, the smaller choice. Option second is the market: the prices are lower, the choice is more. Also there can tell about features of these parrots and care for them in more detail. Generally sellers personally grow up birds, but it in turn does not give any guarantees.

If in plans is with time to breed parrots, then it is the best of all to buy them not in poultry market or in shop, and from the manufacturer. It will give the chance to estimate parents of a baby bird and also to learn a color of relatives of a birdie to represent what color baby birds can turn out.

How to choose a parrot?Before buying a parrot, it is necessary to learn something about this feathery. It is necessary to take into account that it is gregarious birds, and it is even better to support them in house conditions in couple. But if nevertheless there is a wish for one, then it is better to buy a young male who will be more appeasable and manual. It is anyway better to buy a young bird - it promotes fast accustoming of a parrot to new conditions. At first it is necessary to look narrowly at appearance and behavior of feathery attentively. At a healthy parrot skintight wings, bright and shining eyes, clean and accurate klyuvik. It is necessary to pay attention to a voskovitsa: the basis nadklyuvya has to have smooth and clean this site of reinforced skin. Claws at the healthy pet usually sharp and equal. Movements have to be smooth and sure, and a parrot - active and inquisitive. It is not necessary to buy a birdie at all if the state of her health raises doubts. The sluggish and ruffled-up birds with the stratified voskovitsa and a beak should not be taken: they either sick, or old.

Useful tips behind leaving of a parrot

Buying a bird, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about her habits and a diet. The main living conditions of a parrot in a cage - a good forage, purity, the light place, lack of closeness and cold. These are those conditions which define long and successful life of a budgerigar. Purity of the place – guarantee of health of a bird. Dirt and dampness in a cage lead to various diseases therefore it is necessary to clean the dwelling of a bird as often as possible. If in a cage there live two parrots, then it is necessary to clean every other day, in the winter in the summer - 2-3 times a week. The light part of the room best of all is suitable for keeping of birds. However the cage should not be put very close to a window that did not proskvozit a parrot. The main food for a parrot is the grain forage. It is possible to give oats or a millet. Also good additive to a diet - ears of oats and wheat, besides, is the peculiar gymnastics for a bird preventing growth of a beak. It is possible to add the linen seeds which bulked up in water, corn or seeds of native-grasses to the menu of a parrot. As delicacy it is possible to give a few nuts or several seeds of sunflower. It is necessary to feed a bird only with fresh products, in time to remove the remains of uneaten food to avoid distribution of microbes. Daily it is necessary to change water, not to forget to wash out a drinking bowl. To let out a parrot on walk – the necessary procedure for keeping fit. It is impossible to leave it unguarded: if windows and doors are open, the bird can take off.

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