How to choose carrying for a cat

How to choose carrying for a cat

Owners of cats face a problem of transportation of an animal sooner or later. Whether it be to the dacha, an exhibition or in veterinary clinic, carrying is required surely. It is extremely undesirable to transport a cat in a usual shopping bag. To a cat in such bag it will be inconvenient, uncomfortable; she will have a stress more sharply, than in carrying, special and convenient for it.


1. Carrying for cats has to be spacious, especially if it is used on long distances. There have to hold freely a bowl for food and a drinking bowl. The bottom at any carrying has to be obligatory rigid. So the cat will feel much more surely.

2. Carrying for cats has to "breathe". It means that in it there have to be windows for passing of air flows. These observation ports also serve as the observation post for an animal, cats very curious. Good carrying has to have high-quality locks, strong belts and fastenings. The weak lightning on carrying will be easily opened by a clever cat, and because of shaky belts the animal can become a cripple if carrying breaks from the owner's shoulder.

3. Materials for cat's carryings have to be qualitative, without foreign smell. Most often carryings for cats happen three types - it is made of cloth, plastic and wattled. Carryings made of cloth easy on weight, small-sized. They easily develop for storage and are convenient for owners. In carrying made of cloth to a cat will be to go comfortably and conveniently to the doctor or on an exhibition. Also in such models it is possible to walk not for long on the park with the favourite. Carryings made of cloth are not intended for long walks, in them the cat will not be able actively to move and will be tired. Besides, such models will be blotted during a rain or if the cat has "embarrassment".

4. Plastic carryings are convenient for travel on a long distance. They are spacious, big by the size, with mesh sides through which the events are visible to a cat around. In such carryings it is possible to install a bowl for a forage, a drinking bowl or even a tray. Plastic models wash easily and disinfected if necessary. But they quite heavy for foot walks. Plastic carryings have no belts for a shoulder, as at made of cloth therefore it is extremely inconvenient to transfer them. Buying plastic carrying for a cat, choose models with metal doors. They are more reliable, than plastic.

5. Recently in pet-shops models from a wicker appeared. Such wattled carryings eco-friendly, are made of natural materials. They with a rigid framework as plastic, are freely aired. On wicker weight easy, and by the size it is possible to choose any. But such natural carryings strongly absorb foreign smells, and it is often undesirable to wash them. Material of wattled carryings to spoil from moisture, on it there is a mold, the tree blackens. Also wattled carrying will not save your favourite from wind, snow and a rain.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team