How to choose carrying for cats

How to choose carrying for cats

There are situations when the favourite pet is forced to set off: reception at the veterinarian, moving to new housing, a trip to giving. Of course, it is possible to hold all road a cat on hands. But will be much more comfortable it in special carrying.

The huge range of cat's carryings of many people nonpluses. There is a wish that to the favourite it was convenient, quiet and cool. At the same time carrying has to be easy in transportation.

What to pay attention when choosing to

First, touch a carrying bottom. It has to be rigid. If the cat does not feel a support underfoot, it is covered by feeling of alarm and panic. Viewing openings in walls of carrying or a through design will allow the pet to watch what occurs around, and will a little distract.

Pay attention to a framework of carrying. It is good if it is made of strong material or plastic. Otherwise after several falling the carrying can collapse. The same rule concerns fastenings and handles. Do not hesitate to clasp and unzip, pull several times handles and to press locks. The stronger them mechanisms, the longer than time they will serve. Choosing the amount of carrying, be guided by parameters of the animal. The cat needs space to have an opportunity to turn. If you buy carrying for long trips, take that which is more spacious. So you will be able to place inside a tray and a bowl with water, having provided a cat to all necessary.

Variety of forms

The most popular model of carrying is the plastic box. Its main advantages: low cost, firm framework, through openings. It is easy to wash and dry a plastic cage. It is universal, with it it is possible to go both to the dacha, and to an exhibition. At all the advantages the plastic carrying possesses one shortcoming: it is very bulky. The wicker basket is considered the facilitated analog of plastic carrying. Besides a convenient cage for a cat, she can play a role of a stylish accessory for her owner. The wicker basket is not really convenient in use. It cannot be washed, it quickly and for a long time absorbs smells, and the top cover is not closed densely. Fabric carrying with a rigid framework is externally similar to a tent. Soft finishing does a lodge comfortable, but worsens ventilation. Choosing such model, press on carrying walls. Fabric has to cave in and immediately accept a starting position. The bag carrying can be made of fabric or leather, to have one or two handles. If desired it can be carried in a hand or to hang up on a shoulder, at the same time she takes not enough place on a back seat or in a car trunk, and can be stored in folded form. The lack of a rigid framework causes feeling of vulnerability in a cat. Dense material, for example, skin during a summer heat turns carrying into a stuffy hotbed.

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