How to choose small fishes

How to choose small fishes

The beginning aquarians make many mistakes. The main of them is desire to buy nearly each pleasant small fish. As a result overpopulation of an aquarium turns out or most of its inhabitants cannot get on peacefully with each other, fight and even eat weak. Special conditions of keeping are required for different types - in one aquarium many are ill and perish. Therefore before buying small fishes, it is necessary to consider several rules.


1. If you have not enough time for care for an aquarium, choose unpretentious types. It can be goldfishes. They well live also without heating of water, rather room temperature, do not need water of special softness, are not exacting to sterns. The only thing, the goldfishes provide with a spacious aquarium, not less than 20 l on one individual, and once a week do substitution 1/4 parts of water.

2. Zhivorodka also belong to unpretentious. These are small fishes of the small size, from little multi-colored guppies to the majestic sword-bearers reaching up to 12 cm and more. Zhivorodki have bright coloring, are mobile, demand the water temperature of 20-28 degrees of Page. Easily get on with other species of fish. Quickly breed, but eat the been born whitebaits. If in an aquarium there is a lot of vegetation, then a part of whitebaits survives, having hidden.

3. Get several somik. These "hospital attendants" of an aquarium will pick up the uneaten remains of food after other fishes. Somiki have no bright coloring, but there are views with very original shape of a body. For example, pay attention to the tarakatum having long short moustaches and a flexible body. Or on somikov-bores, they have suckers and often hang, having attached to an aquarium wall. Still there are types eating seaweed thereby cleaning capacity walls, stones, scenery and plants from an ugly brown-green raid.

4. Fans of big aquariums can get large sluggish skalyariya, a gurama, goldfishes (vualekhvost, telescopes, a fancy lvinogolovka, a comet), tsikhlid and others. To watch their majestic movements brings true pleasure.

5. You can stop the choice and on aggressive small fishes. For example, to choose a piranha. But then it is necessary to reconcile to some inconveniences in leaving. During the cleaning of an aquarium or a scrap of plants by sight the quiet small fish can immediately seize your finger if on it there is the slightest wound. Besides, it will be impossible to place other types already, piranhas destroy all live, even the weakened or small relatives.

6. It is only not enough to be defined in the choice of aquarium fishes. Attentively examine the attracted individual. On her body and fins there should not be damages, spots, slime, decay, white tochechek. Pay attention as the small fish floats, her movements have to be correct, inherent in this look. If the small fish scratches about soil, does sharp senseless movements, is filled up on one side, then such do not take.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team