How to clean a horse

How to clean a horse

Horses always were and remain faithful assistants and reliable friends of the person. To afford it animal not everyone can do, but in horse club practically everyone here can be engaged in riding. Except riding a horse, the rider needs to master care for it and including, it is necessary to learn to clean a horse correctly.

It is required to you

  • Cleaning requires tool kit. It is plastic and soft rubber skrebnitsa, a soft brush with a natural bristle, a rigid brush. Besides, the massage plastic brush with not really long teeths, the massager from rubber or soft plastic, a sukonka or a sponge, a rag or tissues is required. Small and big buckets and a hoofed hook with a brush will be still necessary.


1. So, it is the best of all to clean a horse on the street or on outcomes. If you clean it in the stall, then all dust and dirt will remain in the same place. The horse should breathe it that is hardly useful for her organism.

2. At first the horse needs to be brought to an outcome and to tie her so that to it it was comfortable. It will be impossible to leave it on outcomes for a long time (more than 3 minutes) therefore in advance prepare all necessary.

3. Cleaning is usually begun on the left side. If a horse very dirty, then brush away a rigid brush the earth and sand. After that a plastic skrebnitsa it is necessary to walk on all body of an animal, except a muzzle, a backbone, legs below a skakatelny joint and a pyasta. At first walk against wool, then – in the direction of its growth. Skrebnitsu needs periodically to beat out about a floor. If it is necessary, repeat the procedure. After that carry out circular motions, but already rubber skrebnitsa. If a horse not against, then it is possible to scratch a muzzle accurately.

4. Further on a body of a horse it is necessary to walk accurately massagers, without pressing strongly.

5. Then sort a mane and a tail. The mane is carefully combed a plastic brush, and the tail is sorted hands or by means of a rigid brush with natural long pile. At first collect a tail tip in a fist and carefully comb, then it is accurate, on locks, comb all tail.

6. Now take in the left hand a soft brush, and in right - to a skrebniyets. Begin to clean with a neck. Following actions: carry out by a brush against wool, then in the same place in the direction of growth of wool and clean a brush about a skrebnitsa. Approximately after each 20 such movements beat out a skrebnitsa about a floor.

7. At the end well clean a brush about a skrebnitsa and postpone the last. Get up facing a horse and take her for a portable or nashchechny belt of a halter. Accurately clean a forehead, cheeks, a nape, ears, snore and between ears. After that to a hoof raskryuchkuyta, that is remove dirt, the earth, manure from a hoof sole with a special hook and a brush you will notice a hoof.

8. Put on a rubber glove, wet a rag in a small bucket and wipe genitals of a horse. In a bucket it is possible to dissolve several crystals of potassium permanganate previously. It is also necessary to wipe the internal surface of a tail. At the end of cleaning it is possible to walk on wool sukonky for giving of gloss.

9. The horse is cleaned and ready to carry you on the strong back again.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team