How to clean an aquarium

How to clean an aquarium

Aquarium - fine ornament for the apartment and also a surprising opportunity to get acquainted with the world of underwater inhabitants closer. In order that your aquarium always was beautiful and well-groomed, it is regularly necessary to clean it.


1. Care for an aquarium can be divided into two parts. The first are weekly actions, the second - clear-out.

2. In order that it is more rare to clean an aquarium, it is necessary to install the good cleaning filter. Also it is recommended to get several snails and somik who are natural hospital attendants of the water house.

3. Weekly examine the aquarium. At once delete the remains of an uneaten forage. Otherwise it will decay, thereby creating fine conditions for rough reproduction of microflora. If excrement of fishes at the bottom collected, then it is necessary to remove them with a special tubule. If you noticed a raid on glasses or excessive reproduction of seaweed, then will help to make glass again clean a scraper. All objects for care for an aquarium are on sale in pet-shop.

4. Weekly wash out a filter sponge. On it the set of dirt which affects quality of operation of the unit accumulates.

5. Weekly substitute a third of water in an aquarium for fresh. You monitor growth of plants - in time delete the rotting-away parts.

6. Clear-out frequency in an aquarium depends on its volume, population small fishes, existence of the aeration equipment. As a rule, the more aquarium volume, the less often it is necessary to clean it.

7. At clear-out, it is necessary to transplant fishes in jars, switch-off the equipment. Then it is possible to start washing of the aquarium. Do not use aggressive detergents - subsequently they can do much harm to small fishes. Carefully wash out soil. Some experts advise it to boil. If in an aquarium there are snags or decorative stones, then they can be boiled too. Wash out plants, remove the expanded escapes.

8. Fill up soil in an aquarium, fill it with water on a third, establish snags and plant plants. Fill an aquarium with water (30-50% of water need to be filled in from an old aquarium). Turn on the equipment. If water dimmed, then it is necessary to wait several days, before normalization of its color. To accelerate this process it is possible to use the special conditioner which is on sale in pet-shop. After water becomes crystal and transparent, in it it is possible to start small fishes again.

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