How to clean aquarium glasses

How to clean aquarium glasses

The aquarium is not only magic world of decorative fishes, snails and seaweed, it is the integral detail of the majority of modern interiors. And that the aquarium long time pleased the owner with beauty and refinement, it is necessary to support in it certain conditions by means of various compressors and filters, special publicizing and the system of hydroproviding. Besides, timely and correct cleaning of an aquarium – an indispensable condition of its contents.


1. Over time glass walls of any aquarium become covered by a greenish or brownish raid from microseaweed and bacterial slime. Naturally, because of this raid of inhabitants of an aquarium it does not become visible at all. Brownish slime on glasses of an aquarium appears as a result of insufficient lighting, and greenish – from behind superfluous.

2. It is absolutely optional to clean all walls of an aquarium if the raid on them does not disturb the review. It is enough to be limited to thorough cleaning of front viewing glass.

3. If the raid was formed on aquarium glass with fresh water, it is easy to wash away it a clean foam sponge. Only it is necessary to do it very accurately not to allow emergence of bacterial dregs.

4. Without hurrying, having densely pressed a sponge to glass, it is necessary to conduct it down to soil. Also slowly, without tearing off a sponge from an aquarium, it is necessary to conduct it up. As a result of such actions on glass there has to be a clean transparent path.

5. Further the sponge needs to be rinsed in water and to repeat all actions before full clarification of all viewing glass of an aquarium.

6. Glasses in an aquarium with old water should be cleaned by means of a special scraper which can be got in any pet-shop. Distinguish magnetic and spongy scrapers.

7. The magnetic scraper for cleaning of glasses of an aquarium consists of two halves. One of them is placed in water. Other part pulls a scraper through glass outside at this time. Using such adaptation, it is possible to leave hands of the owner of an aquarium when cleaning dry.

8. Spongy scrapers with the wooden handle are ideal for superficial aquariums. They perfectly purify glass, without leaving on it scratches and stains.

9. It is possible to clean glasses of an aquarium not only by means of special tools. In the nature there are such fishes and seaweed which not worse than various devices clean small pollution on glass. In detail it is possible to learn about such assistants at sellers of specialized shops.

10. Each aquarian caring for beauty of the house interior and for health of inhabitants of the underwater world should clean regularly aquarium glasses, the raid is thinner, the easier to get rid of it.

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