How to clean ears to a kitten

How to clean ears to a kitten

The healthy animal has to have clean ears. As prevention regularly examine your pet. At detection of a significant amount of dark brown sulfur, reddening, an unpleasant smell or rashes - see the veterinarian.


1. The healthy animal sometimes should clean ears in the esthetic purposes, for example, if your favourite has to flaunt at an exhibition. For cleaning of ears it is possible to use the Q-tips or gauze tampons moistened in olive or vegetable oil. Carefully wipe an external ear. Do not try to get a stick deeply into acoustical pass at all - you can injure an eardrum.

2. If the ear is strongly polluted (for example, in it dust after walk accumulated), then it is possible to use 3% hydrogen peroxide solution. Also in veterinary pharmacies special drops and lotions for hygienic processing of ears are on sale. At their use it is necessary to dig 1-2 droplets of means in an ear, to accurately put it in half and to massage. Then to apply lotion on a Q-tip or a tampon and to carefully wipe an external ear of an animal. One more plus of these means - after application they leave a protective layer which protects acoustical pass from hit in it of dirt and reproduction of harmful microorganisms on an ear.

3. After cleaning the kitten can feel some time concern - to shake head, to rub an ear a paw. Veterinarians do not recommend to abuse hygienic cleaning. Often, it is rather simple to blot after bathing ears of your kitten with a clean dry towel.

4. Frequency of ear cleanings is individual for each cat. It is enough to someone to clean ears of times a year, and someone should do it every week. If your pet has obstinate character, then it will be simpler to clean ears if previously ""to swaddle"" a cat in a dense towel, having left outside only the head. After the procedure do not forget to praise an animal and to treat him with delicacy.

5. At suspicion of a disease of an ear do not try to treat him independently. Carry a cat to the veterinarian - he to decide on the diagnosis and will appoint to your pet the corresponding treatment.

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