How to collect a beehive

How to collect a beehive

If you aimed to begin to breed bees, you need beehives. Best of all for this purpose frame beehives approach. In such beehives the bee-keepers can quietly examine bees, pump out honey, without destroying bees. You can get a frame beehive in the relevant shop, but production and assembly of a beehive own hands will be much more economic.


1. For a start precisely mark everything – details of all pasechny beehives have to be interchangeable that you could replace at any time the broken beehive detail, replace bee family together with a honey framework or increase a beehive. The best materials for production of beehives are such breeds trees as a pine, a linden, a fir-tree, a poplar and others. That your beehive was durable, carefully pick up material – boards have to be smooth, dry, without uniform crack, a wormhole and a knot.

2. The standard beehive consists from: - the case in which a framework is placed (it can have an integral bottom or not have it – in the second case the bottom is made separately); - removable roof; - a framework; - extension with an additional framework.

3. The case should be carried out so that in its walls cracks were not observed. Production of a beehive from a rabbeted board will be the best option. You will be able to provide ventilation of a beehive, having made lower and top letka. Extensions have to approach accurately the case of a beehive by the sizes. From above it is necessary to roof roofing material or sheet iron.

4. The main part of any beehive is a framework. They have to be square and have such size that the lower part of each frame to the bottom of a beehive did not get about 9 mm. Between a framework the distance has to be strict from 7 to 10 mm. If these sizes are others, bees will begin to put them propolis, and they need to spend the forces for production of honey.

5. Beehive has to serve at least 10 years. For this purpose it is necessary to process carefully it drying oil and to paint time in two-three years. The beehives which are not used for one reason or another should be stored in the dry cool room.

6. Many beekeepers try to make beehives of vinyl. However it is not the best choice as bees gnaw vinyl therefore the beehive quickly fails. Anyway, ideal option for any beehive is the tree.

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