How to construct a lodge for a dog

How to construct a lodge for a dog

Each canine friend needs the place in the house. Perhaps, it the door will have a laying or a small pillow on a room sofa, a soft lodge from fur or the big winter doghouse? Whatever option chose the pet owner, it is necessary to think over carefully all details and to provide to a dog the most comfortable conditions for a dream and rest.


1. Define what sizes of a lodge are necessary to your dog. For large animals (mastiffs, sheep-dogs, Labradors) plan walls 1*1.5 meters and height of 1 meter, for breeds of the average sizes (terriers, Shar-Peis, Rottweilers) – 0.7*1.2 m and height of 0.8 m. For little dogs (dachshund, a shih-tzu, a lap dog) make the box with sizes of 0.7*0.5 m 0.5 m high. More precisely to determine the suitable size, measure length of a dog and her height in withers. At production of a manhole adhere to value of width of a breast of your pet.

2. If you the owner of a small room doggie, make by it a lodge of fabric and foam rubber inside. Such house is convenient for installation in any place of the apartment, for washing and a dry-cleaner. Use not easily soiled coloring. Fleece, a velvet, faux fur well will be suitable for production. Cut out necessary parts from a big piece of foam rubber, fit them fabric and connect edges. Outside the lodge can be decorated with accessories of close subject: fabric stones, stripes in the form of prints of dog paws, etc.

3. For installation of the box on the street attentively consider the territory. Choose the place near the house from where the widest review of the site opens: there your dog will feel most comfortably. The platform for a lodge has to be dry and have the shaded and solar sites. It is the best of all to establish a lodge under a tree that the dog could be in a krone penumbra, and if necessary – to leave to get warm in the sun.

4. Make the summer dog box of plywood and boards, roof roofing material or slate. At registration of an entrance you watch that boards "were not crammed". Before settling of the pet carefully process all wooden edges of a lodge a file or an emery paper. Lay a rug or an old blanket inside. Decorate the box outside according to design of your site: paint walls, cover a roof with suitable material, put a weather vane or hang up a small lamp over an entrance.

5. The big dog needs the strong thorough house: draw the sketch according to the measured parameters, collect the bottom from a bar and a floorboard, strengthen sidewalls and attach a removable roof.

6. Warm the lodge intended for a wintering. Sheathe walls and a floor heat-insulating material, make a double bottom and lay it a waterproofing. Veil a manhole the dense fabric weighted from below by stripes from packages of river sand or pebble, and on a floor lay warm fabric or fur.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team