How to construct to a rabbit a cage

How to construct to a rabbit a cage

Keeping of domestic rabbits in a cage has many advantages. The owner knows for sure how many forages were eaten by his pets, watches that to everyone got equally. At cellular contents there is possible a breeding work. Besides, the owner will notice at once that stole got sick, and will be able to provide medical care in due time.

It is required to you

  • On a single-tier cage for couple of rabbits:
  • Boards or thick plywood 0.2 sq.m
  • Square bar for a framework
  • The close-meshed metal gauze with cells of 18х18 mm - 1.3 sq.m
  • The metal gauze with cells 35kh35mm – 0.6 sq.m
  • Reiki 3 cm wide
  • Door loops – 2 for a roof, on 1 on each door.
  • Door hooks or latches
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Saw
  • Axe
  • Emery paper
  • Hammer, nails, joiner's glue


1. Begin with a framework. For this purpose mark and saw a bar on pieces of the necessary length. You need about 4 laths of each size. Hammer together a rectangular parallelepiped from pieces. From the sheet of plywood cut the rectangles equal by the sizesto back and sidewalls. Sheathe them a framework from outer side.

2. Cut out from a close-meshed grid a rectangle, by the sizes the respective 2/3 areas of a cage. Beat it to the lower bars of a framework so that it was closed with one party of a cage – it will be fodder office. For nested office make a continuous deal floor.

3. Between offices it is necessary to put a partition. It is made of the rectangular sheet of plywood, by the sizes corresponding to width and height of a cage. In the middle cut an opening in order that rabbits could pass freely there. Saw off from laths 2 pieces, the equal length and width of a cage. Saw off corners so that at connection of laths at right angle there were no gaps. Beat laths over a grid on internal perimeter of a cage.

4. Make a roof of the sheet of plywood or boards. It has to be slightly wider and longer than a cage, approximately on 3-5 cm from each party. On the one side of a framework attach door loops.

5. Make doors. One of them wooden, it is intended for nested office. Its length equals about 1/3 lengths of a cage. For fodder office make one or two doors of a large grid and laths. At first make a door framework of laths, then attach the metal gauze. Suspend doors on door loops. Attach hooks or latches.

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