How to contain broilers

How to contain broilers

Many poultry breeders prefer to grow up broilers in house conditions. Individuals reach the maximum growth within fifty days from the moment of the birth, have big weight. Meat of such hens is applied also in baby food, from it cook a set of dishes.


1. Buy ten-day chickens, those which hatched earlier can die. At baby birds bright shining eyes. Do not take broilers whose eyelids stick together, similar birds sluggish, they have a weak appetite.

2. Allocate the place for keeping of chickens. Best of all broilers grow in the room of the closed type, with adjustable lighting and a certain temperature condition. Take a box, a cage, a box hot-water bottle, etc. Place birds there.

3. Find materials by means of which you warm the place of contents, disinfect boxes, boxes. In the first week the temperature condition has to make 30 degrees of heat. If the room where there are chickens, big, use additional protections to narrow the place of movement, additional sources of heating, for example, the heater.

4. Make sure that the necessary temperature is reached, remove limiters and gradually diminish heating of the placement by one-two degrees. For the 21st day of maintenance of broilers remove the heater. Leave lighting only over a feeding trough and the place of a dream of chickens. In the first 16 days of life the birds need the round-the-clock lighting, then it should be regulated.

5. Control temperature constantly. If it falls, chickens should be placed in a separate cage, a box and to warm with lamps with an infrared radiation or hot-water bottles with hot water, sand.

6. Build the hen house at the rate of square meter on 60 broilers. Lower temperature by 4 degrees, alternate every two hours dark and daylight, support temperature condition by means of lamps with an infrared radiation. It will allow chickens to limit movement and to increase a set of weight.

7. You feed broilers with chopped egg, cut boiled carrots, fresh greens. You enter into a diet of a forage of factory production. You can cook food, it has to include vitamins, minerals, enough carbohydrates and protein. Include grain, mix them with pounded boiled potatoes. Give to broilers cottage cheese, fresh dairy products.

8. You watch purity of drinking water. Get several drinking bowls at the rate of two liters on each 50 heads of chickens. Allocate the site of a feeding trough 5 cm long on everyone a broiler. Place tray feeding troughs from calculation one piece on thirty chickens. At dense contents the close contact with each other is provided, it disposes to emergence of a rasklev, there has to be enough place. In good weather of birds you can release on walk under the supervision.

9. From ten-day age it is necessary to enter fish, grass meal into a diet. It is good to mix these products with compound feed. Periodically you feed chickens with the pounded chalk, bone meal crushed by shells.

10. Add potassium permanganate or baking soda to drinking water if noticed a diarrhea at birds. Check purity of a laying, cage, box or box. Change water daily and use only clean feeding troughs.

11. Weigh broilers daily, get scales. Norm the carcass, weighing 2-3 kg is considered. On reaching the necessary size, further feeding is inexpedient.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team