How to contain ""ladies'"" doggies

How to contain ""ladies'"" doggies

Small doggies of "dwarfish" breeds became extraordinary popular recently. They turned into a fashionable glamourous young ladies accessory. But, buying such dog, it is necessary to remember that it is not a toy, and quite to itself the real dog – the defender and the loyal, loving friend.


1. It is necessary to contain domestic doggies as well as representatives of larger breeds. Only consider that they are more defenseless because of the sizes. Before the puppy appears in the house, get for it all necessary. It is better not to use a pastil as the vacation spot of such dog – you will need special "nest" - a basket, supports regulated on height with bowls for food and water.

2. Surely study the recommendations of dog handlers about education of a puppy. You do not treat it as to an amusing toy and demand from it those skills which will be necessary to an adult dog. Do not accustom him to roll on beds and sofas, to beg under a table and to bark for no reason at all. Do not do it by an entertainment for children who just by negligence are capable to injure the kid.

3. Train a puppy in all necessary teams. It is required not for demonstration of miracles of training, and for ensuring its safety. Unpleasant surprise trap a little dog as indoors, and on the street. "To me", it "is impossible", "faugh" and other restrictive teams will help your favourite not to be run over by a car or by legs to pedestrians, will stop him in the dangerous place.

4. Provide a puppy, and then and an adult dog, with healthy nutrition. Select a dry feed according to razmeramipitomets. If the dog eats natural products, watch that food was balanced and in it there were all nutrients and vitamins necessary for the correct formation of a skeleton and development of a dog. You feed a dog strictly according to the schedule, remove what she did not eat up that in intervals between feedings the bowl for food always was empty. Do not forget to change water, it has to be always poured.

5. You walk such dog in a lead. In dirt and slush it is possible to walk with her, having taken on hands. Get a special bag or a backpack for long walks or trips. You can indulge the favourite different dresses of the most fashionable styles which in a good selection are on sale in specialized shops.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team