How to cook a feeding up

How to cook a feeding up

Dogs and cats feed the cubs with milk on average up to 2-2.5 months. However on 3-4 week it is recommended to enter a feeding up as kids lack maternal milk any more. The correct diet – guarantee of health and normal development of an animal. However it is not enough to choose the necessary products, it is necessary also to manage to cook from them food.


1. Never add to a feeding up salt, sugar, honey, chocolate, seasonings, etc. I go for kittens and puppies it is necessary to cook separately, and it is strictly forbidden to give dishes from a master's table. The owner of an animal should understand that food, normal for it, can be poison for his pet.

2. You cook to puppies and kittens fish and low-fat meat. It is impossible to give these products crude at all as it can lead to infection with worms. Also you should not give fat meat, especially pork. Give preference to beef and chicken meat. Cut meat and fish on small pieces, and then you cook in water or the diluted milk. After preparation of a dish do not pour out all broth – it is a little possible to give to the kid.

3. Cook for puppies boiled potatoes. It is the only vegetable which they cannot give in the raw. Potatoes need previously to be peeled, but not to cook in a uniform. Also it is recommended to give it pieces, but not in the form of puree. Potatoes should be cooked as usual, only without salt and spices, and then to cool and give to a puppy warm pieces.

4. Surely you cook to kittens of porridge with meat. It is possible to use semolina, rice, buckwheat, a pshenka, porridge, etc., besides it is necessary to mix a feeding up in a proportion 1 part of porridge on 2 parts of meat or fishes. When you cook grain, do not add too much water not to merge it before giving a forage to kittens. Rees before preparation does not need to wash out, and ready rice porridge should be given, without removing the remained liquid.

5. Do not use milk at preparation of a feeding up every day. On the contrary, it is recommended to be done to not thicket of 3-4 times a week. The fact is that cow's milk can cause indigestion in your pets. Puppies can give warm milk from time to time, and to kittens – to cook on it porridges.

6. Cut on pieces of a kidney, heart, a liver, lungs before cooking them. It is not necessary to prepare an offal too long. An essence of preparation of a feeding up from such products – to destroy the probability of infection of kids therefore it is not necessary to boil down useful substances long. The more small there will be pieces, the quicker they will prepare. For example, it is possible to cook the beef liver cut on pieces of the average size 7-10 minutes, and chicken hearts – 15-20 minutes.

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